League of Legends: LCS 2020 Changes
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November 20, 2019

League of Legends: LCS 2020 Changes

With the conclusion of the League of Legends World Championship, the free agency season is well underway.

Fans received an abundance of roster moves on the ESPN Free Agency Show. Many LCS teams opted in making confirmations on their signings after the show, here is Esportz Networks Roster roundup for the 2020 LCS Season.

100 Thieves: Meteos Rejoins As The Starting Jungler

Image via Dotesports

The first of many roster changes that will be displayed in this article is the return of Meteos to 100 Thieves. The veteran jungler returns to the organization a year on from his controversial departure from the roster in 2018. The former C9 jungler will look to prosper under new management in Papasmithy and head coach Zikz.

Cloud9: C9 Acquire new bot lane

Image via Dotesports

Even though the changes were coming, many did not expect to see Sneaky replaced on the Cloud9 roster. Cloud9 signed TSM ADC Zven and purchased Dignitas support Vulcan through a $1.5 million buyout clause in his contract.

CLG: Smoothie Traded For Biofrost

Image via CLG’s announcement | Twitter

Smoothie is moving to his third team in as many years, this time the Canadian is making CLG his new home. Smoothie will be taking the place of Biofrost who will be returning home to TSM as part of the deal. TSM has yet to confirm the news but it is impending due to CLG’s announcements.

Evil Genuises: EG Sign Svenskeren

Image via The Game Haus

A move that every Cloud9 fan feared, Cloud9 traded away their best player the second time in as many years. This time it was the 2019 LCS Summer MVP Svenskeren who would leave the boys in blue for a different shade of blue. EG will be making a return to League of Legends after returning into several other titles such as CSGO.

Team Liquid: Broxah Makes The Jump To NA

Image via Hotspawn

A move that was expected from Team Liquid after failing to get out of groups at Worlds for the second consecutive year. European Jungler Broxah will be departing from LEC Powerhouse Fnatic and will be joining four-time LCS Champion Team Liquid.

Unconfirmed Roster Changes:

Here is the list of changes that are expected to be made and are awaiting official confirmation from the organizations:

  • Kobbe will sign for TSM
  • Biofrost will sign for TSM
  • Ry0ma will sign for 100 Thieves
  • igNar will sign for Flyquest
  • Xmithie will sign for Immortals
  • Johnsun will sign for Dignitas Academy
  • Palafox will sign for Cloud9 Academy
  • Goldenglue will sign for Golden Guardians
  • Zeyzal, Deftly and Kumo will sign for Evil Geniuses

Look for more updates throughout the free agency season on Esportz Network.

Written by Jordan Marney

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