Operation Rising Tides: The last operation of Rainbow Six Siege’s fourth year
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November 14, 2019

Operation Rising Tides: The last operation of Rainbow Six Siege’s fourth year

The end of year four Rainbow Six Siege is an approaching topic for fans. Players around the world have been dying to know what was next for the ever-growing tactical shooter game. That wish was granted last Thursday, Nov 7.

The next operation for the strategic FPS team-based game was Shifting Tides. Ubisoft teased its following approach with the game three days before its official full release, which sparked excitement worldwide. The teasers’ intention was made clear within the next few days, in celebration of Rainbow Six Siege’s Season 10 Finals.

On Nov 10, Ubisoft released the official trailer for its last season of the year, and the Rainbow Six community got their long-awaited answer.

Operation Shifting Tides is comprised of two new operators, Kali, and Wamai, a reworked Theme Park, a much-awaited Capitão elite-set cosmetic skin, and more. Kali, and Wamai, are apart of Nighthaven, a Special Intervention Group founded and led by Kali.

The One-Shot Wonder

Jaimini Kalimohan Shah, or mostly known as Kali, is the new offensive-based operator that specializes in hard-hitting weaponry and defense set-up nullification.

Equipped with a bolt-action sniper rifle, CSRX 300, a marksman rifle that knocks down enemies on initial body shot, destroys barricades, soft walls, and takes penetration to the next level. Kali is the new heavy-hitting attack operator that excels in destruction and devastation. Kali’s backup line of weaponry is a choice between two sidearms, the P226 MK25 and the C75 Auto; standard-issue guns, one being a single shot, and the other being rapid-fire burst.

New Operator, “Kali” | Ubisoft

The Indian operator comes with two choices of gadgets to aid in combat, a breach charge, and a claymore. Although being equipped with the only bolt-action sniper rifle in the game, Kali’s operator gadget is the unique aspect that differs from the rest of the crowd.

Empowered with the LV Explosive Lance, Kali’s sniper rifle gets an upgrade in firepower. The LV Explosive Lance is a projectile-type gadget which that’s loaded in the under-barrel of the CSXR 300 that demolishes deployable shields, soft walls, a wide range of operator gadgets, and more.

Operators’ Biggest Nightmare, a Mag-NET

Ngũgĩ Muchoki Furaha, or mostly known as Wamai, is the heavy-counter to most offensive operators. Wamai, is the new defense-based operator that specializes in stationary defense, projectile countering, and literal grenade attraction.

Unlike Kali, Wamai is equipped with rotating universal weaponry. The popular MP5 and AUG A2 are Wamai’s weaponry options for tactical fortification. Accompanying the old-but-gold guns are two choices for sidearms; a heavy-hitting D-40 and a select-fire P12.

New Operator, “Wamai” | Ubisoft

The Kenyan operator comes with a variety of universal gadgets that offer another level of security. Those gadgets are the Barbed Wire and Deployable Shield. Ramping up the defensive play, Wamai is also equipped with a particular device called the Magnetic Neutralizing Electronic Targeting system.

The Mag-NET is a throwable device that counters grenades and projectiles differently compared to Jäger. Instead of destroying the grenade, or projectile, the Mag-NET delays it’s explosion time and redirects it to wherever the Mag-NET is placed, and detonates it.

The Mag-NET can be thrown anywhere, including outside areas, and Wamai will gradually gain more as time goes by. As a result, the Mag-NET is a tool of prevention, diversion, and confusion to halt and delay any offense.

Long-Awaited Changes

Theme Park is back, and it’s fresher than ever. The blood-orchid map that was once gloomy and mysterious is no more. Season 4 brings with it a significant change to Theme park.

Centered around balance and Chinese influence, the change impacts gameplay in a whole new way. The most notable difference besides the brightened environment and the flashes of red, is that the train that defined the map is gone.

Additionally, ramps and the lift car are gone. The old bomb sites that made the game difficult are removed and replaced, while most of the haunted themed rooms have been completely redesigned.

Ultimately, the change was a much-needed one, considering how out-dated and out-of-place the map design was. This alteration will carve a new competitive meta for Rainbow Six Siege, and will reshape Rainbow Six League esports.

Season 4 comes with an elite set for Capitão. The anticipated cosmetic highlights and displays the operator in his younger self. Showing off the gold-encrusted weaponry and sick soccer skills, making the skin a no-brainer to buy.

The introduction of new characters, map redesigns, and game balancing all contribute to the evolving game development that gamers around the world desire. Year Four’s end, Season 4: Operation Rising Tides, sets the next year up for success. Within all that success comes, more ways to play Rainbow Six Siege uniquely. Operation Shifting Tides debuts on Dec 2, 2019.

Written by Jay Hunter

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