Overwatch League Off-Season is full of Changes
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November 21, 2019

Overwatch League Off-Season is full of Changes

Nov 15 has come and gone which means that each Overwatch League team is now required to have eight players under contract, and all players who are unsigned are free agents. Overwatch has a sign and trade deadline set for June 15, 2020, but there have already been plenty of big changes over the off-season. Here are some of the most notable ones.

Boston Uprising

The Boston Uprising had some of the most notable changes. After failing to make the playoffs this past season, they tweeted on Oct 21 that they were releasing Kellex, AimGod, alemao, rCk, Persia, and Stellar. They would later trade blasé to the Outlaws. The Uprising also signed Mineral as their new head coach, and signed Myunbong and Jerry, as well as calling up Swimmer and Mouffin.

Dallas Fuel

Dallas made some small roster moves, such as trading OGE to the Gladiators for Decay and signing Gamsu and Doha, but the biggest news regarding them came in a tweet from Jayne on Nov 15. The now ex-Fuel coach announced that he would be leaving the team to pursue a career in content creation.

Florida Mayhem

The Mayhem underwent some heavy changes, including firing five players, a coach, and replacing their general manager after he left the organization. The team has been terrible throughout the first two seasons of the Overwatch League, so changes have been much needed there.

Houston Outlaws

The Outlaws look to have made off very well this off-season. After releasing several players and changing coaches, they were able to get their hands on Hydration and MekO, two players who have a lot of exposure and experience in the league. Hydration played for team USA in the World Cup in the past, and MekO saw a lot of success with the Excelsior. This could be a team to watch out for next season.

London Spitfire

London made some interesting moves this offseason. They parted ways with quite a few big names, including Birdring, Profit, and Bdosin. The team didn’t perform up to expectations last season, and a big part of this may have been a result of the changing meta. Bdosin was never as good on other healers as he was on Zenyatta. The Spitfire will look to rebuild for next year.

Los Angeles Gladiators

Despite losing the ever-popular damage player, Surefour, the Gladiators have had a solid offseason. The three big names that signed with Los Angeles are Birdring, OGE, and hiring Curryshot on as their coach. They are going to be fielding a vastly different roster next season and will look to improve on a season that got them into the playoffs in 2019.

Philadelphia Fusion

After a spectacular first season, the Fusion struggled in 2019 and now they are overhauling their roster. Philly got rid of almost every big-name player they had, with the exception of Carpe, who they signed for three more years. EQO also decided to rejoin the fusion after being initially released.

Philly made drastic coaching changes as well, naming KDG as their new head coach and replacing other members of their coaching staff. Expect a drastically new look from Philly next season.

Toronto Defiant

Toronto is sitting real pretty so far this off-season. The additions of Surefour, Agilities, Kellex, Beast, and Nevix to the roster will surely help their chances in 2020. The Defiant also made changes to their coaching staff to start fresh in the new season. Toronto fans have a lot to be excited about with the changes to their roster, and there’s a good chance they will be competitive in 2020.

Washington Justice

The Justice didn’t look so great in their inaugural season and have already made a large number of roster changes during the off-season. Ado, SanSam, janus, Fahzix, Hyeonu, sleepy, and Gido will not be returning to Washington and rOar, TTuba, AimGod, and Sup7eme have been signed.

They also released their entire coaching staff, signed a new general manager, and several new coaches. It will be interesting to see if these moves pay out for them.

There are plenty of other changes that have happened so far, and there are bound to be plenty more over the next few months leading up to the 2020 season. Be sure to stay up to date with all the latest Overwatch League roster changes with Esportz Network.

Written by Nathaniel Searl

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