Redbull & League of Legends: Rise of the Elements Invitational
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November 1, 2019

Redbull & League of Legends: Rise of the Elements Invitational

In commemoration of the TFT’s step forward, League of Legends (LoL) partnered up with Redbull to highlight the new content within the game.

As a result, League introduced Rise of the Elements Invitationals, which started last Oct 30, and concluded on Oct 31. Lasting for two days, 18 players from across-the-globe participated for a share of the $150,000 prize pool.

Through thick and thin, one player proved worthy. Jang “Keane” Lae-Young won the Rise of the Elements Invitationals, along with a cash prize of $15,000 and an exclusive TFT designed jacket.

Keane won the tournament with a late-game composition of a support Azir, crowd control Zed, an Electric-attributed Lux, and a high-speed dashing Kha’Zix. All of which contributed to the base element, Electric, and base synergizing class, Summoner, the player was built on.

Set Two: Rise of the Elements

Team Fight Tactics (TFT) has moved past its original gaming content and released set two for PBE servers. Set two: Rise of the Elements is a new chapter for the popular Auto-Chess game.

The latest TFT chapter consists of a whole rework of synergies, new characters, elemental attributes, various items, and a hexagonal-tile change.

Rise of the Elements Invitationals was the tournament that provided game-leading exposure for its next chapter. During the event, an array of powerful synergies and characters were showcased. The most notable change was the map.

The map has an added row of hexagonal-tiles and implemented elemental hexes. These hexes have different elemental qualities, depending on their attributes.

Inferno gives attack speed; Ocean gives additional mana, Mountain provides permanent health that stacks throughout the game. And Wind gives champions a dodge-chance buff for the duration of the round.

The Meta of the Tournament

For this chapter of TFT, Light posed to be the most significant element out of the various choices. The reason for its fame lies in its ability. Light champions, on death, will heal other light champions for a percentage of their max health and grant them attack speed. As an army of light champions grows, so will its ability to heal and give attack speed.

Fundamentally, it is much related to an empowering war cry than anything else. Disguised Toast used this overpowered strategy and made a massive comeback. Winning eight games in a row at two health with the Light build.

Rakin Finds his Form

Rakin discovered a notable composition that somewhat counters Light-based champion synergies. He won a match with an Alchemist/Poison/Ranger composition against two other players opposing him in the final stages of the game.

Poison typed champions have a perk in where their attacks and abilities increase the ability mana cost of their targeted opposing champion. Additionally, Alchemist is a class that allows the champion to move through other champions and never stop moving. This makes it perfect for baiting crowd control characters and items.

Ultimately, Poison and Alchemist, along with Ranger’s attack speed perk, won Rakin the game against two opposing players abusing the Light element.

Another valid counter for the widely picked Light strategy is the Shadow element. The Shadow element provides Shadow Champions with increased damage at the start of the round, and for a few seconds when they take down a target. Combined with Zed, a Summoner/Assassin type champion that spawns copies of himself. Keane found out how well both work together. As a result of his discovery, Keane won a game.

In sum, Keane takes the title as the Grand Champion of the Rise of the Elements Invitationals. And the TFT community extracts the strategic information in preparation for the official release of its next chapter.

Patch 9.22, the “elemental” patch for League of Legends and Team Fight Tactics, is scheduled to hit servers this November.

Written by Jay Hunter

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