Preview: Super Smash Bros at The Big House 9
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October 4, 2019

Preview: Super Smash Bros at The Big House 9

Image via @TheBigHouseSSB | Twitter

The Big House 9 begins today, Oct 4 in Detroit, Michigan. The event has tournaments and prize pools in both Melee and Ultimate, tons of top Smash players are flocking to event in hopes of claiming the top spot.


The Big House 9 has been categorized as a Melee Supermajor. The best of the best will be attending in hopes of solidifying themselves at the top of the game. Some notable names in attendance are:

Liquid Hungrybox

TSM Leffen

PG Zain

NV Wizzrobe

PG Plup

C9 Mango

FOX Mew2King

Hungrybox’s recent wins at Shine and Mainstage have him pegged as a favorite to win the whole thing. His most recent loss was at Smash Con to Leffen, who also has high hopes for TBH. Wizzrobe has returned from his three-month-long Melee break and is looking to get back to his Summer form.

Speaking of returns, Mew2King is making his after an eight-month Melee hiatus. His only other Melee event this year was GENESIS 6, which saw him eliminated very early. Still, his 2018 form suggests that he still has what it takes to be a top Melee player.

The prize pool for singles is $9,090 with $3,636 going to first place. With 909 players in attendance, the size of this tournament could allow for some big upsets.


Similarly, TBH9 Ultimate will also be a Supermajor consisting of the best talent the game has to offer. The top two non-invited players in this tournament will also qualify for Smash Ultimate Summit 2 later this month. Notable participants include:

TSM Tweek

NRG Nairo

Liquid Dabuz

PG Marss

EUN Samsora


Rouge Light

A familiar name missing from this event is FOX MKLeo, winner of four of the last six Supermajors and runner-up in the other two. His absence swings the door wide open for many players to take the tournament.

Coming off of his own Supermajor win at Mainstage last month, Nairo is looking to use that momentum to win another. ESAM and Marss come in having won large tournaments in September at Glitch and DreamHack Montreal respectively. Samsora and Tweek have also been placing very well recently and have a chance to go all the way.

The prize pool for Ultimate is $10,170 with $4,068 going to first place. The attendance for this event is a mind-blowing 1,017 players. With character diversity aplenty, every player there will need to make sure they aren’t lacking in match-up knowledge.

Coverage begins today on Beyond the Summit’s Twitch channels. Tune in to see who will take home first place and the custom championship rings!

Written by Zakaria Almughrabi

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