Vindex Launches Platform with $60 Million Funding
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November 1, 2019

Vindex Launches Platform with $60 Million Funding

Vindex, the new apparent rising leader in the esports industry, brings a whole new light to the ever-growing market.

Major League Gaming (MLG) Co-Founders Mike Sepso and Sundance DiGiovanni have established Vindex. Along with the assistance and cooperation of various financial technology entrepreneurs and highly-qualified Esport pioneers.

Vindex aims to help facilitate the growth and rise of esports, provide services, and set an infrastructure for teams and leagues around-the-world. The platform hopes to solve the most significant problem the esports industry currently faces. That problem is the rising demand of scalable technology; something becoming harder and harder to secure with increasing demands of the industry.


Vindex Funding Paves Way for More than Capital

Announced on Oct 30, Vindex launches with a funding of $60 million for its Series A Round. Accompanying the start of a new future in Esports. Newly-formed company Vindex has acquired Next Generation Esports (NGE), an independent Esports production company.

Along with acquisition, Vindex has partnered up with Former Activision Blizzard VP, Adam Apicella. Adam has started his own company that will also be joining the ranks of Vindex. Esports Engine, an organization launched by Adam, is centered around delivering industry-leading Esports operations and memorable experiences for fans.

Esports Engine will be working with broadcasters, publishers, leagues, and teams by providing ingeniously made technology and reliable services. Simultaneously, Adam has also made a deal with New York Subliners. A Call of Duty Franchise scheduled for 2020 that is owned by Andbox and parent company of New York Excelsior.

Vindex’s team is currently comprised of 100 employees, a board of directors, an investor base, and a management group along with their partnership. Contributing to the growth of the company, strategic acquisitions, and the success of the initial plan.

As a result, Vindex will be supplying beneficial demands and opportunities to the general Esport population along with the aid of NGE and Esports Engine.

The Idea Behind the Masterplan

Goldman Sachs has reported estimates of esports revenues reaching $3 billion by the year 2022. Many institutions consider esports to be the hidden gold mine of economic opportunity. At an annual growth rate of 35 percent, the industry has yet to disappoint.

People are starting to realize the treasure that Esports contains within is growing in value. Exposure is what Vindex CEO Mike Sepso has achieved with his co-founded platform.

Vindex has paved a promising future for the Esports scenario with the endless perks and assistance it gives to the Esport population. Mike addressed his excitement and certainty of success for the new-formed platform in a Vindex blog post.

Esports has been a vibrant growth story for nearly two decades, and I have been honored to be a part of it, but we’re just getting started. More than ever, Esports is driving growth and engagement for the entire games industry. We’re here to make those experiences easier to deliver, more scalable, and deeply engaging and rewarding for fans.

Outsiders Take Notice

Joel Greenblatt, the respected investor behind Vindex and founder of Gotham Asset Management, also had something to say. Joel enthusiastically said to CNBC the reason behind his investment.

“I’m a value investor, and Vindex has a great base, I have the opportunity to invest in a business that I expect to earn a lot of free cash flow in an industry that I think will explode over the next few years just organically.”

In conclusion, Mike feels proud of his decisions and is sure of Vindex’s success as a one-of-a-kind company and Joel sees an ocean of opportunities just like the other investors.

So far, Vindex has secured $60 million in funding. But as time ticks by, Vindex undoubtedly will receive more attention as other outside entities beginning taking notice of the esports industry.

Written by Jay Hunter

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