Esports White Paper from AGC Partners Explains it All
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June 12, 2021

Esports White Paper from AGC Partners Explains it All

AGC Partners, an investment bank focusing on strategic advisory, just released its latest white paper, covering the esports industry in its entirety.

CS:GO esports player practicing before IEM Katowice.

Image credit to Esportz Network.

Esports White Paper

In a sector that is seen as one of the fastest-growing areas of the world, competitive gaming needs big updates. The new report provides a very comprehensive outlook into the broader esports industry. Starting with an explanation of what esports is to its growth, AGC Partners’ report proceeds to talk about industry trends before ranking the various titles in their “Esports Watchability Score” (EWS) and finalizing with companies and investment information.

“Esports have evolved from hacked-together LANs in the back of comic book stores to global distribution at sold-out arenas,” Mike Rufail, Founder and Chief Gaming Officer at Envy Gaming said.

According to data from Newzoo’s 2020 World Atlas study, esports is a top ten sport globally just behind baseball and rugby. Newzoo also projects the market to reach $1.64 billion by 2024 and $1.1 billion in 2021 revenue. Another area of growth is collegiate esports, where U.S. colleges offer about $16 million per year in esports scholarships. In fact, the esports white paper noted that Harrisburg University offered full-ride scholarships to a 16-man roster.

Esports Industry Keeps Growing

Although some critics argue that the esports industry’s growth comes from the effects of COVID-19, the numbers and trends show that it will keep growing. This is especially notable when considering mobile esports, a driving force to help grow the global esports audience 22% by 2024. Esports in 2021 was already expected to see massive growth in the market and the details in this white paper only confirm that.

Top 10 esports in the industry according to the AGC white paper.

Image credit to AGC Partners.

A highlight in the esports white paper is AGC’s ranking of the top ten esports in the world. The EWS scores every major esport numerically on a variety of categories culminating in a value corresponding to how viewability. Rocket League and Fortnite ended up as the most viewable titles primarily because of their simplicity and estimated player base. While competitors like League of Legends and CS:GO are more popular, this score focuses on the esport from a viewer’s perspective.

AGC Partners’ esports white paper details the ecosystem, growth trends, revenue methods, valuations, and much more in the industry. Months of constantly updating information led to a comprehensive 75-page document. Arguably one of the most in-depth guides to the esports industry, this white paper is a necessity for anyone looking to understand it all.

Written by Justin Amin

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