Fandom Sports Partners with Polygon for NFT Creation
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October 14, 2021

Fandom Sports Partners with Polygon for NFT Creation

Fandom Sports officially entered into an esports partnership with Polygon, bringing real-time NFT creation and a brand new marketplace to sell to.

Creating NFTs and an exchange market for them is not something new. However, it is considered tedious and intimidating for new users. This is FANDOMART’s reason for existence, simplifying this process so everyone could join it.

Fandom Sports x Polygon

Fandom Sports had a vision: that anyone could create a non-fungible token on the fly and sell it on their platform with ease. NFTs have become a popular way for people to hold ownership over a piece of online content. The ability to immortalize the best moments from shows or Twitch streams has become dear to the community.

Of course, there were some obstacles to that vision. Running on an already known infrastructure like Ethereum meant a higher cost and a slowness incompatible for this project. This is where Polygon finally comes into play, providing its experience and layer 2 Ethereum scaling protocol. The Polygon Network is much faster and has next to no network fees.

Esports and NFT Partnership

While Fandom Sports imagined FANDOMART, Polygon executed it. Users will now be able to create, buy, sell, and mint their own NFTs. It is compatible with a huge variety of minting protocols and also interacts with other exchanges. Furthermore, the majority of games and projects are also compatible with this technology.

“Our goal to facilitate the mass creation of NFT from players’ favourite streamed content providers will provide for new revenue streams for our partners, increased engagement for our players and new opportunities to interact with fans globally.” Fandom Sports’ CEO and President David Vinokurov said.

The blockchain will continue providing exceptional opportunities for all esports scenes, not just for NFTs. However, NFTs engaging the community and stimulating creativity mean the world to esports.

Written by Charles Fuster

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