Fighting Games are Easier to Watch than You Think
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July 25, 2019

Fighting Games are Easier to Watch than You Think

With EVO just around the corner, we at the Esportz Network want to let everyone know you don’t have to play the game to enjoy the spectacle.

There are a couple of common denominators in each game that every spectator should be able to understand. For each game, there is a roster of characters with unique looks, features, and playstyles, and each game has the succinct goal of defeating the opponents chosen character. To track who is winning during a game, one simply needs to look towards the top of the screen for the health bars of each player, once one bar is completely emptied, a winner is declared escorte de nuit. Every character on a game roster has the ability to win, it all matters to player skill to show who is the most dominant in a match.

Fighting game tournaments provide commentary with passionate analysts and color commentators. They are always ready to inform audience members and create hype for matches with narratives of pro players to liven up a match. So those wondering what stories are involved or why one should be invested in a match, they usually do a fantastic job at being greatly informative.

To go into one of the oldest series at the show, let’s show Street Fighter as an example. Street Fighter has been one of the longest-running competitive video games in history, whose legacy and influence has been unparalleled and unmatched. The presentation of the game is one of the games best qualities as an esport.

Capcom’s character designs have always made gameplay easy to follow with memorable looks and character silhouettes that never get lost in the action. All characters have distinct and exciting signature moves that are recognizable, which will help uninformed spectators that something amazing has just happened. Not to forget the meticulous chess-like gameplay that players utilize with so much skill and technique that will leave any viewer on edge.

With all that being said, Street Fighter is just as easy to follow as a regular contact sport, but still has depth for even a regular fan to pick up on visually.

And this is just one of the 9 games that are available to be shown at EVO 2019 this year. Other recommendations include Tekken 7, which is more grounded in realism in the way the fighting is portrayed in the most part with exciting set pieces, and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, with memorable characters from a plethora of franchises, the high octane near graceful style of the gameplay akin to gymnasts with Nintendo rights.

These tournaments are exactly what makes spectators want to play the games themselves, so sit down, grab some popcorn, and turn on Twitch and enjoy EVO 2019.

Credit: Rudolf Baldovino

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