First Strike, the first Riot Games VALORANT tournament
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September 23, 2020

First Strike, the first Riot Games VALORANT tournament

Today, Riot Games announced that it will host and organize its first official VALORANT esports series, First Strike. Although most details about the event are not confirmed, Riot looks to take on its esports scene. The competition starts in October and will feature tournaments across the world. Additionally, the events will be entirely online due to strict travel restrictions.

VALORANT First Strike

First Strike is Riot Games’ first step into developing the VALORANT esports scene. Although the company has started the scene with the Ignition Series, it seeks to do more. Riot looks to create unique experiences by cultivating its competitive battleground and developing each region through grand events.

With First Strike, Riot aims to start in late-October with regional tournaments in North America, Europe, CIS, Turkey, Asia, Oceania, Brazil, and the Middle-East. Additionally, First Strike finals will be held between December 3 and December 6. Only players who are sixteen years old and over and are at least Immortal 1 are eligible to enter. All details regarding the regional competitions itself will be revealed as October draws nearer.

For current esports teams looking to transfer any merit, according to VALORANT Esports Strategy Lead Kasra Jafroodi, winners and standings from the Ignition Series events will not transfer direct benefits in First Strike. Which means First Strike is a league of its own.

Riot Boosts VALORANT Esports

Anna Donlon, Executive Producer of VALORANT, expressed her excitement as Riot looks to satiate its community’s hunger for competitive VALORANT. “Esports remains one of the best investments we can make to support our community for the long term. As we’ve already seen from the Ignition Series, there’s a huge demand and hunger for VALORANT to be played at a professional level. “

The idea of having a premier esports event finally hosted by VALORANT’s developers is huge. With First Strike’s announcement, it also means more entertainment for VALORANT fanatics and opportunities for those looking to go professional. However, fans must wait until more scheduling information is released before prime gameplay.

Written by Jay Hunter

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