Flashpoint-NiP-Anonymo Esports controversy explained
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May 17, 2021

Flashpoint-NiP-Anonymo Esports controversy explained

On May 14, Nicolai “Dev1ce” Reedtz was preparing for his much-awaited Ninjas in Pyjamas debut. It was a crucial match for Flashpoint Season 3, a Valve-sponsored CS:GO esports RMR event. But NiP’s players faced connection issues with some players suffering packet loss up to 40%. Needless to say, for an elite like CS:GO esports, at the highest level, these connection issues come at a massive cost, especially for the team they lost to, Anonymo Esports.

Anonymo upsets NiP at Flashpoint Season 3

The Ninjas faced packet loss issues throughout the game and couldn’t play to their best, completely missing shots.

Despite approaching the Flashpoint admins to explore all possible solutions, NiP had to play out the match. The admins refused to entertain other solutions despite players on both teams agreeing to the same.

NiP released a statement soon after blaming ignorance, stubbornness and lack of solutions. The use of strong words shows the emotional weight of this loss for the NiP players. The players were evidently angry at Flashpoint organizers for their poor handling of the situation.

Flashpoint Controversy

Even as the community was critical of Flashpoint for forcing Ninjas in Pyjamas to play out the match, the tournament organizer continued with controversial decisions.

In an official statement, Flashpoint decided it would replay the CS:GO esports match between NiP and Anonymo Esports. But a replay would invalidate the results of the previous match, one that Anonymo won with a 2-1 score. Not only would a rematch invalidate the result, but it would also mean a significant disadvantage for Anonymo. A rematch usually gives the team that lost the first match an upper hand due to familiarity with the opponent’s strategies and playstyle.

Flashpoint scheduled the rematch to take place just 39 minutes after the announcement. The short notice shocked the community and many pro players came out in support of Anonymo esports.

Several players started demanding the involvement of the Counter-Strike Professional Players Association. CSPPA board member, Chris “chrisJ” de Jong confirmed Flashpoint took the decision without consulting the players and the CSPPA.

NiP is a founding member of Flashpoint and also one of the most popular teams in the League. Raising questions on the TOs decision to replay the match, community members were skeptical if the same treatment would be handed out to Anonymo Esports in a similar situation.

Flashpoint orders a Replay

Flashpoint would eventually postpone the replay to a later date. The two companies have been at the receiving end of the community’s ire and their reputation took a big hit. Flashpoint’s statement also mentioned NiP ‘offered’ Anonymo esports the option to replay the entire Bo3 or just the last map of the series. The fact that NiP is in a position to offer anything to Anonymo esports raises questions of the tournament organizer’s role in this situation. The tournament organizer should be the one to set, interpret and enforce the rule book. The ever-changing Flashpoint position has been a matter of concern for a tournament that leads up to the $2 million CS:GO Major.

Anonymo Esports accuses NiP

“We are under the impression that FACEIT is being pressured by NiP on a business level,” Anonymo esports stated.

But Ninjas in Pyjamas released a counter to Anonymo’s claims with a timeline of events during the match and later.

In this statement, NiP accused Anonymo Esports of misleading the CS:GO esports community with a false narrative.

Flashpoint’s handling of this situation felt woefully inadequate and confusing. A combination of factors led to such a situation which could have been easily avoided. For the NiP players, the lack of a coach or team representative in the room meant they could not consult the staff and formally request to postpone the match.

The players did not request a rematch on Day 1, afraid that refusing to play would result in disqualification. It was only on the next morning that NiP’s management lodged an official request for a replay. However, Anonymo had already won once and a replay would be unfair for the Polish squad.

Flashpoint Season 3 is an RMR event and Valve has not released any statement regarding its interpretation of the rules yet.

Written by Rohan Samal

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