Fnatic Signs ALEX and Mezii to CS:GO Esports Roster
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August 3, 2021

Fnatic Signs ALEX and Mezii to CS:GO Esports Roster

Fnatic made a huge announcement regarding the future of its CS:GO esports roster with William “Mezii” Merriman and Alex “ALEX” McMeekin joining as players of the team in orange and black.

The addition of two players to Fnatic’s starting lineup is important to its success. Lately, the organization was not performing well and a change was needed. Fnatic analyzed over a hundred players to make their choice. They made a move on ALEX and Mezii to once again be competitive against the best CS:GO esports teams out there.

Fnatic ALEX and Mezii

ALEX’s Counter-Strike experience as an in-game leader speaks for itself and was the main reason for his signing. There was fear among the community that he could move to VALORANT, but this signing definitely crushed the rumor. He now joins Fnatic after playing for Vitality and Cloud9. Although he was inactive for some time and could need some time to get back on track.

On the other hand, Fnatic kept an eye on Mezii’s potential as a rifler, whose versatility and communication skills are highly regarded in CS:GO esports. Overall, his former teammates said nothing but good about his attitude and drive for the game. It is clear that the team had Mezii on its shortlist when he played for Cloud9 and Team Endpoint. Now, he and ALEX must give their best to Fnatic.

Going International

Up until now, Fnatic aligned Swedish players exclusively. It was mainly because Sweden gave the esports scene some of the best talent available. Being able to share a native language also permitted a huge boost in team chemistry. However, in a post made on Fnatic’s website, Head Coach Andreas Samuelson explained his team’s decision to go international.

This decision to sign ALEX and Mezii followed the new vision from Fnatic. Two British players will now perform alongside the remaining Swedish players. The arrival of two international players means change for Fnatic, who built its entire team around a unified idea. Fans will be eager to see the impact of such a change at the ESL Pro League Season 10. For now, Fnatic’s roster includes:

  • Alex ‘⁠ALEX⁠’ McMeekin
  • William ‘mezii⁠’ Merriman
  • Freddy ‘KRIMZ⁠’ Johansson
  • Ludvig ‘Brollan⁠’ Brolin
  • Jack ‘Jackinho⁠’ Ström Mattsson
  • Andreas ‘Samuelsson⁠’ Samuelsson (coach)

Written by Charles FUSTER

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