Forg1ven leaves Schalke
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February 15, 2020

Forg1ven leaves Schalke

After League of Legends’ Konstantinos “Forg1ven” Tzortziou’s grand return to LEC, he stepped down from the team’s main roster just three weeks after LEC action. Forg1ven announced his decision via Twitter in an effort to get his team to take necessary measures in improving their current situation.

“In my 7+ LoL career i always played to win and be competitive,” said Forg1ven. “As of now at least, current roster does not fit this principle. Schalke is unable/unwilling to make changes to fit that goal, so we mutually agreed that I step down until and if they are willing to do so.”

He also supported a tweet that explained his decision to play for Schalke, condemning the quality of the roster.

Forg1ven’s public callout of his fellow teammates and the general roster received a lot of divided opinions. While some in the LoL community support his decision, others are totally against it. However, one thing that everyone agrees on is that Schalke’s LEC Spring Split needs a massive upgrade.

2020 Schalke

Although many fans were not expecting big things from Schalke this season, they certainly fell below the nonexistent expectations. The Schalke roster sits at the bottom of the LEC standings. They have yet to win a single series in the entire 2020 LEC Split with a shared 0-6 record with Vitality. Schalke’s performances during the three weeks played so far highlighted individual errors and an apparent lack of communication.

Their jungler hardly took objectives and often ended up in bad ganks. Apart from this, Schalke mid laner, Felix “Abbedagge” Braun continuously struggles compared to other mid laners in the league. But these two alone aren’t at fault for Schalke’s current situation. All other players also failed to carry the team in crucial moments. Fans, however, argue that it is difficult for players to carry their team with such costly gameplays.

Schalke Moving Forward

Already, the team promoted their academy bot laner, Nihat “Innaxe” Aliev, to help them continue the season. Innaxe has won all games in the Prime League for Schalke so far and was part of the Unicorns Of Love team at Worlds 2019. Schalke stated in their post that they were still counting on Forg1ven as he is instrumental to both their Spring and Summer Splits.

As things stand now, Innaxe will make his Schalke debut tomorrow against Rogue and play other games in the coming weeks. Perhaps, until Schalke addresses some significant issues in the squad, the veteran bot laner will not play.

Written by Rashidat Jimoh

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