Fortnite Black Widow Cup details and how to enter
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November 11, 2020

Fortnite Black Widow Cup details and how to enter

The Black Widow Cup, which is the third tournament in the Fortnite Super Series, begins today, November 11. Since organizers announced the event just days before it starts, players might not have enough time to prepare. However, knowing what to expect, including useful information about getting into the event and how it works will allow players to plan for it excellently to earn the Fortnite Black Widow Snow Suit Skin.

Fortnite Black Widow Cup

Fortnite Black Widow Cup

Image credit to Fortnite | Epic Games.

How to Get Into the Event

The event will begin at 6 PM PST for players using Fortnite’s servers in western North American after the eastern one finishes. Those located outside of the USA can get the event’s local time by checking the game lobby’s Compete tab. A game lobby will display the playlist at the current time to indicate Fortnite’s Black Widow Cup. Players can then begin competing against others currently on the server.

Remember that participants will need a duo partner for this Fortnite event. Two main rules are available to compete in the Fortnite tournament. First, participants must have two-factor authentication set up in their system accounts, which some might find frustrating. However, this validation ensures the safety of their accounts, V-Bucks, and skins.

When an account is ready, the overall account level (not the season’s battle pass tier level) must be at least level 30. Players can only compete in the Black Widow Cup if they are at this level.

How the Event Works

Just like the previous Ghost Rider and Daredevil Cups, this mode brings back a type of Operation Knockout named Marvel Knockout. During this game mode, players must fight against another group involving a four-round knockout competition.

Each round, a player and the opponent will use similar abilities to ensure a uniform playing field. Therefore, Black Widow Cup participants who want to win need to be versatile enough because of these difficult challenges.

Team also battle against other teams in a competition-style bracket, progressing through the ranks before winning.

The reward for the best performing player in the Fortnite Super Series Cup includes the new Black Widow Snow Suit Skin, along with unique back bling from the item shop. Getting the free skin will be more difficult than before winners need to place in the top 800. But for those who miss it, the skin is available for sale in the Fortnite Item Shop.

Written by Alex Johnson


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