Fortnite Patch 15.10 boosts PS5 and Xbox Series X
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December 15, 2020

Fortnite Patch 15.10 boosts PS5 and Xbox Series X

After the exciting release of Chapter 2 Season 5, it is now time for Epic Games to release its first content update in the Fortnite 15.10 patch, which introduces new challenges, weapons, Operation: Snowdown, and 120 FPS for next-gen consoles like the PS5 and Xbox Series X.

Two weeks have passed since the defeat of Galactus, and players are still experiencing the new additions of this new Season, including the plethora of new skins like Master Chief from Halo, Epic Games still needs to spice things up with the gameplay experience.

PS5 and Xbox Series X Frames

Epic Games’ first-step in this direction for next-gen consoles is to let players play Fortnite at 120 frames per second (FPS) on PS5 and Xbox Series X. Even though this is a video setting that needs to be activated, it still creates a noticeable gap in gameplay. Fortnite players who possess a 120 Hz display now have a slight advantage over the others.

Fortnite 120FPS

Image credits to Epic Games

Some players who are actually playing on last-gen consoles will feel left out. Furthermore, now that console players can finally challenge those that play on PC, Fortnite fans may need to update their PC setup to compete at the same level.

Fortnite Patch 15.10

Of course, this new Fortnite patch 15.10 also comes with new content for players to experience. First of all, Operation: Snowdown replaces Winterfest this year and introduces new missions, cosmetics, and even a new loading screen. Furthermore, a quarter of the map should now be covered in snow.

Players can also get their hands on two new powerful exotic weapons, the lethal Dragon’s Breath Sniper and a Chiller Grenade Launcher called The Big Chill. These two guns will be given to players by Blaze and Snowmando, the dedicated NPCs.

Three other items made their way into this Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5 update. The Sneaker Commando gives players a snowman disguise while the Snowy Flopper grants icy feet. Finally, the Cowboy Repeater Rifle offers both a rapid rate of fire and accuracy. This Fortnite 15.10 patch also comes with new skins that fit the atmosphere of Operation: Snowdown. Fortnite players on next-gen consoles like the PS5 and Xbox Series X will see huge improvements with patch 15.10 live.

Written by Charles FUSTER


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