Fortnite returns to iOS via Nvidia GeForce Now
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November 19, 2020

Fortnite returns to iOS via Nvidia GeForce Now

The news got out that Nvidia and Epic Games are working together to bring Fortnite on iOS again via the cloud gaming technology, GeForce Now.

Fortnite was completely banned from the Apple App Store around the middle of August. What caused this decision was the implementation of Epic Games’ own micro-transactions market, which broke the rules of the App Store. This lawsuit has been the story to follow these last couple of months, and both Apple and Epic Games are making their moves.

Fortnite via GeForce Now

To avoid the App Store guidelines and rules, Nvidia will use Apple’s web browser Safari to make GeForce Now technology work. This software uses Nvidia’s own data center to stream games using Wi-Fi to the final device. Five million members already subscribed, with prices matching different services. So long as players don’t care about the time limit of one hour at a time, it is completely free-to-play.

GeForce Now

Image credits to Nvidia

Nvidia said that it is currently launching a test version of the service on iPhones and Ipads. However, for games to be playable, they will require a gamepad that attached itself to devices. But as Epic Games wants to keep its free-to-play strategy, it is now working with Nvidia to bring a fully tactile experience, therefore bypassing the need for another accessory to purchase. Nvidia understood the importance of Fortnite and is developing a hand-made solution for it to work.

“We’re working to enable a touch-friendly version of Fortnite, which will delay availability of the game,” said Nvidia’s Head of cloud gaming service Phil Eisler.

Apple’s Next Move

During the whole process of this lawsuit, Apple tried to do everything in its power to oppose Epic Games. First, the Unreal Engine, another Epic Games’ asset was in trouble but was saved by a judge order. Then, the Cupertino brand forced Fortnite to uninstall itself during the iOS 14 update.

The last nail in the coffin was Apple allowing small developers a reduced margin. Now, they are facing only a 15% margin rate until they reached a million in revenue. Epic Games smartly used the fighting for a better market situation to prevent the reduction of its own margin. However, Fortnite’s developer did not benefit from the App Store new policy.

Fortnite on iOS

Image credits to Epic Games

Clearly, this story isn’t over and Fortnite fans should wait before celebrating. Apple certainly isn’t going to leave it at that and is probably looking into its future possibilities. Furthermore, with Nvidia siding with Epic Games, there could be huge repercussions for the brand in the future.

Written by Charles FUSTER


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