Fortnite Season 4 Guide: New Strategies and Weapons
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September 2, 2020

Fortnite Season 4 Guide: New Strategies and Weapons

Epic Games just launched Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4 with Marvel heroes gracing the occasion ready to take on Galactus. She-Hulk, Thor, Iron Man, Storm, Groot, Mystique, and Doctor Doom bring new weapons, cosmetics, and outfits. Season 4 focuses on Marvel heroes and villains fighting on Fortnite Island in the Nexus War.

Beginning right where Season 3 ended, Nexus War continues, but this time it’s more challenging. Epic Games removed the Tactical Shotgun and all SMGs except the Tactical SMG. But the new season comes with a series of improvements regarding gameplay, map, and vehicles. New locations like Doom’s Domain and Sentinel Graveyard provide a hoard of challenges and opportunities alike.

Fortnite Season 4 Guide

The new season also introduces a new set of tricks. Some tricks players can use in the game include the Shockwave Bounce Pad and Crash Pad Bounce to quickly leave the box. To pick up loot easily and safely, drop Shockwaves and quickly pick up the loot. Players can also now use mythic weapons to blow up fishing holes and brick walls.

Marvel Heroes

Fortnite Season 4 features some of the mightiest and strongest Marvel heroes joining the battle royale. Everything is more chaotic since all players have access to superpowers like Groot’s Bramble Shield and Silver Surfer’s Board.

As usual, all characters lack power until reaching a certain tier and completing a set of challenges. Players can unlock Mystique, the master of disguise in tier 80, but must battle an enemy to get an emote and earn the ability to shapeshift. Similarly, other skins feature unique awakening challenges that are unlockable only after reaching certain tiers.

In the first week of Nexus War, players must defeat Doctor Doom three times, who arguably has the most villainous Battle Pass skins. With the emote letting him sit on his throne, taking him down requires skill. Players also need to battle through a slew of Wolverine challenges and related gliders, wraps, and emotes to earn his skin.

Fortnite Season 4 Map

The most exciting changes in the map are Helicarrier and Sentinel Graveyard. Helicarrier, the autonomous vehicle that operates both in the air and seas, is the new POI in Fortnite Season 4. The catch is players cannot hop into the carrier mid-game.

The first thing players realize when traveling towards Loot Lake are the ogre-like purple robots that hunt and kill the Marvel skins. This is actually a graveyard filled with mech-like robots similar to the 1990s X-Men cartoons.

Doctor Doom re-built one of the old houses into a castle and named it Doom’s Domain. The house contains extra rooms and levels, a slurp keg that acts as a shield, and Doom’s statue at the center of the house.

New weapons

Fortnite Season 4 introduces new weapons and vaults the Tactical Shotgun. Some of the fanciest weapons introduced include Doctor Doom’s Mystical Bomb, Silver Surfer Board, Stark Industries Energy Rifle, and Groot’s Bramble Shield. Players can acquire weapons by vanquishing enemies and shooting Stark Supply Drones, mobile loot caches, to collect mythic guns.

Vehicle Limited-Time Modes

Epic Games will also introduce three unique Limited-Time Modes (LTMs) based on vehicles. According to leaks, these include Pavonis, Rally Royale, and Nitrogen.

Although it’s not available on Apple devices, Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4 greatly expands the content. Introducing Marvel powers, powerful Mythic weapons, and Limited-Time Modes, Epic Games brings a lot for players to learn.

Written by Daniella Johnson

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