Fortnite’s The Flash Cup speeds in from DC
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February 9, 2021

Fortnite’s The Flash Cup speeds in from DC

The Fortnite team announced today that players can acquire a new set of cosmetics by competing in The Flash Cup, giving an early entry to DC’s superhero, Flash.

The Flash Cup

Fortnite’s new superhero event takes The Flash from DC and begins tomorrow, February 10. Starting tomorrow, players can compete in a Fortnite Duos tournament to unlock the new skins early. The competition lets teams play up to 10 matches in a 3-hour window where the top performers unlock the new gear for free.

Top performers are decided based on how many Hype points and eliminations participants earn. The final placement in a match also determines points given. For example, the top player who wins a game with a victory royale gets 42 points. Points progressively decrease for each lower place after that while eliminations give one point.

Fortnite Events

This event follows similar formats to previous competitive events like the Marvel Super Cup and the Black Widow Cup. There is different timing for each region regarding the event. Specific details can be seen on the Compete tab on the Fortnite menu. Players should note that they need to hit level 30 on their account and have two-factor authentication enabled to compete.

Adding a new competitive event like The Flash Cup for Fortnite players to enjoy is great from Epic Games. It helps keep things fresh for fans while new content continues to get planned. It also provides more exciting superhero content from DC. Anyone interested in participating in Fortnite’s event can view the specific rules on their site.

Written by Justin Amin


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