Gen.G and Eastern Michigan University partner for esports
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May 28, 2020

Gen.G and Eastern Michigan University partner for esports

Nowadays, gaming is constantly growing to new heights and esports is finally considered a sport. People of all ages love competing in their respective games. To accompany this growth, various esports educational programs are created to allow prospects to start their careers in this industry. Gen.G just announced a partnership with Eastern Michigan University to help create various esports programs.

Gen.G Eastern Michigan University partnership

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Gen.G University Partnership

Gen.G and Eastern Michigan University are serious about this partnership. Thanks to this partnership, EMU is launching a one-month program. Thie partnership emphasizes the success of students and alumni in their respective fields. Eastern Michigan University is overjoyed because they are a pioneer in the integration of esports in schools, leading to numerous opportunities for students. Here are a few examples of the partnership’s summer offerings.

  • Super Smash Brothers tournament: The targeted date for the Smash tournament is June or July. Due to the recent pandemic, the specific date could be moved. This tournament will be available for fans to view on Twitch.
  • The Gamer Girl Summer Camp: In a three-day boot camp, The Gamer Girl Summer Camp allows aspiring professional gamers to learn about the industry. There is a registration fee of $99 but the benefits that applicants can get will be worth it.

Eastern Michigan University is one of the biggest universities in the U.S. holding a partnership with Gen G. Aside from that, Gen.G also has a partnership with the University of Pennsylvania. In the future, there will be more collaborations like these, changing how people see gamers in the next 10-15 years.

Key Takeaways

The world is seeing how serious schools and universities are to promote esports. Since gaming is also a form of competition, integrating it in academia as a competitive esports program will be a good bet. One thing is for sure. Gaming will enhance the students’ strategy and critical thinking. This industry will grow with more support from various schools around the world. So now is the time for aspiring gamers to improve their crafts. Taking a risk and applying for these esports programs may be rewarding in the future. This move from the Gen.G and Eastern Michigan University partnership proves that esports does not discriminate. In this industry, everyone is welcome.

Written by Craig Bolin

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