Get On My Line 2021 Smash Major
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May 8, 2021

Get On My Line 2021 Smash Major

Super Smash Bros Melee and Ultimate esports are back with the Get On My Line (GOML) Online 2021 major taking place next month.

Get On My Line 2021 Major

Featuring events for both Melee and Ultimate, GOML Online 2021 brings players from North America and Europe. Competing in an online tournament with a $4 thousand prize pool, the event takes place over two weekends. The Smash Melee tournament runs from June 19 to 20 while the Ultimate esports event is from June 26 to 27.

Get On My Line 2021 Major also looks to improve accessibility by making the Smash tournament free to enter. Though for Melee in North America, it will be region-locked and further split between the east and west coast, likely because of ping issues. Finally, players in the Melee events must use a wired connection. On the other side, Smash Ultimate players must use a LAN adapter on their Switch systems. Only 1,024 participants can join each bracket in the tournament.

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Sponsored by Red Bull and hosted by Even Matchup, the Get On My Line Online 2021 Smash Major adds yet another exciting event for fans and players. The GOML team even shared that over 300 people registered within 24 hours of the tournament’s announcement. Knowing that there is lots of hype around this event, interested participants should prepare quickly. Anyone can register for free online but only the best will prevail.

In fact, the Smash esports scene is growing nicely even before news of GMOL Online 2021 thanks to Golden Guardians. The competitive team announced their commitment to the Melee community with grassroots funding, new players signed, and an episodic show. And just before that, former Smash star Nairoby “Nairo” Quezada revealed his return to streaming. The Get On My Line 2021 Major starts June 19 and adds another pillar to support the Smash esports scene.

Written by Justin Amin

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