Get On My Line Online 2020 Smash Melee Singles crowns n0ne
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July 21, 2020

Get On My Line Online 2020 Smash Melee Singles crowns n0ne

On June 19, Edgard “n0ne” Sheleby triumphed at Get On My Line Online 2020 Smash Melee Singles. This tournament gathered more than 1300 participants, making it the largest online Smash Melee tournament ever created. It was also a part of a fundraiser for live tournaments in 2021.

Captain n0ne Falcon

Reaching the top 32 was quite a challenge for n0ne. Even though he was the event’s fourth seed, going through Jonathan “Plank” Graybeal and Brandon “BZimm” Zimmerly was difficult. The Nicaraguan-Canadian players dropped many games in order to reach that stage. Joseph “Azel” Resplandor and Logan “LSD” Dunn both lost to n0ne’s Captain Falcon in order for him to reach the top 8.

By this time, he started to heat up. Avery “Ginger” Wilson and Zaid “Spark” Ali both suffered 3-0 sweeps at the hands of n0ne. His opponent in GOML Online 2020 Grand Finals was Cody “iBDW” Schwab, maining Fox. Despite iBDW’s efforts in winning the first set 3-1, it still wasn’t enough. n0ne fought back, winning the second set and the overall title.

GOML Online 2020

Considering his previous performances, Juan “Hungrybox” DeBiedma only got seventh-place at this event. He still fought well against Grand Finals contender iBDW, but lost 2-3. Surprisingly, fifth-place Isaac “bobby big ballz” P was quite unknown and only number 80 in 2019 MPGR Smash Melee rankings before upsetting many contenders to reach fifth.

Top 8 Result Get on My Line 2020

Image credits to GOML 2020

iBDW joined the loser bracket soon in the tournament after losing to bobby big ballz. This granted him the opportunity to beat Hungrybox 3-2, considered Melee’s best overall player. He also defeated Austin “Reeve” Reed, Ben Strandmark, and Azel before reaching the grand finals and losing to n0ne.

Get On My Line Online 2020, a popular Smash Melee tournament, was full of surprises. Fans will be looking forward to the next Get On My Line Smash Ultimate event next weekend.

Written by Charles FUSTER

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