Get ready to dive into the Danger Zone with New Skill Groups
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July 24, 2019

Get ready to dive into the Danger Zone with New Skill Groups

Ever try a hand at a new form of Counter-Strike? CS:GO released ranked statuses for Danger Zone players. There are unique skill cards from the lowest of rats to the strongest of wolves.

What happens when a peak is reached in Competitive Play and ranking up isn’t happening? Tried playing the new battle royale mode Danger Zone and lost interest from lack of competition? A patch was put in this week so one can get a fresh start on another mode and find the fuel needed.

Valve just announced that their new battle royale mode, Danger Zone, for CS:GO will now have featured skill groups. The patch came in just when fans thought the game mode was doomed and wouldn’t pick up.

This patch updates the game to include Competitive Skill Groups for Danger Zone players. Starting at the lowest tier is the Lab Rat 1 and the highest tier is The Howling Alpha.

A player’s skill group is visible in the main menu and from the spectator screen. These new competitive groups will not limit who else can join the games. Any player can be in any lobby, regardless of rank.

Battle royale modes have been popping up in games due to the large success of Fortnite and Apex Legends. Danger Zone released at the end of last year to match the trend. What’s new is that most battle royales don’t include a ranked mode, leading players to feel obligated to compete and try hard.

Link to the official news post: Danger Zone now with Competitive Skill Groups

A bit of competition and teamwork provides more excitement. And this naturally comes alongside competitive modes in video games. 

CS:GO has been receiving more accessibility recently and this provides yet another wanted feature. CS:GO became free to play back in December alongside the launch of Danger Zone sex trader.

Give the new Competitive Danger Zone a shot before returning to Dust 2 with a refreshed mindset. Find out which skill group to place in and aspire to be a fierce alpha wolf.

Credit: Justin Amin

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