Global Digital Sports forms American Youth Soccer Cooperative for Esports
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July 9, 2020

Global Digital Sports forms American Youth Soccer Cooperative for Esports

Today, the formation of the American Youth Soccer Cooperative for Esports was announced in partnership with Global Digital Sports, LLC and Harena Data, Inc. AYCE is an organization looking to group esports leaders together to improve the industry. These leaders will be able to use state associations and sponsorships to better grow esports programs.

American Youth Soccer Cooperative for Esports

The first major move from AYCE comes from partnering with Rezzil. As a brand leader in virtual reality soccer training and cognitive development, Rezzil aims to bring its experience into esports through FIFA.

“There’s no better winning formula than soccer and esports, both extremely competitive and popular activities,” said Dave Guthrie, Executive Director of Indiana Soccer Association “For soccer in North America, esports increases membership and engagement from new audiences, and our youth can benefit from the collaborative and developmental skills that esports teaches.”

Working with Rezzil helps AYCE start its journey with soccer, the most popular sport in the world. While working with different state, regional, and local programs, the organization wants to include American youth into esports initiatives through the combination of soccer and FIFA. Early AYCE members include Indiana Soccer Association, Missouri Youth Soccer Association, and Arkansas State Soccer Association.

Currently, members who join the American Youth Soccer Cooperative for Esports receive a variety of benefits to aid the generation of esports revenue.

  • National sponsorship opportunities
  • Revenue streams from a master marketing and licensing agreement
  • Group negotiated discounts with vendors
  • Centralized program support and management
  • Collective resource sharing
  • Faster time to market
  • Best practices development

“By pooling the nation’s youth sports organizations together, we are building towards an assured market and scalable revenue streams for participant organizations that would not otherwise be available to them individually,” said Derek Pew, CEO of Harena Data.


AYCE in Esports

AYCE’s sole focus will be to benefit members. Various methods like working as a purchasing group, advertising and sponsorships, or facilitating tournament and league play will facilitate member growth.

It’s always exciting to see new esports initiatives in the industry. The esports industry continues to grow thanks to the participation of new brands. American Youth Soccer Cooperative for Esports hopes to work with others to better incorporate youth. Using soccer and FIFA to assure scalable revenue structures for companies may even lead to a trend among other brands.

Written by Justin Amin

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