Haute Cosplay: Interviewing an award-winning cosplayer
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February 1, 2020

Haute Cosplay: Interviewing an award-winning cosplayer

When she is not cosplaying, fans can find Isabelle Scott, also known as Haute Cosplay, sharing her experience and progress on new costume designs and makeup looks. HC is a professional costume designer, makeup artist, and glamour photographer based in Miami, Florida. She used her skills to become an award-winning cosplayer at Supercon, Global Beauty Masters and Comic-Con. Her website and Instagram are creative outlets she uses to share her journey with others, hoping to inspire and empower other cosplayers.

Aside from her artistic career, HC was also involved in the pageant world as the pageant director for the Miss Florida USA system. One of the main takeaways she took from pageants was to give back to the community. HC works with many charities in the Miami area. These charities help “promote local artists, museums, historical landmarks, and art-based afterschool programs for inner-city youth.”

Esportz Network thanks Haute Cosplay for taking time out of her schedule to answer some questions for the Esportz Network cosplay division.

Haute Cosplay

Esportz Network: How did you get started in cosplay? Was there anything specific that drove you?

Haute Cosplay: I went to my first con in 2014. I was invited by my friends. When I got there and saw the cosplayers, I knew this was something I wanted to do. I have always been artistic and went to design school. Cosplay really embodied many skills I had picked up along the way. I also learned new techniques like working with thermoplastics and Eva foam.

EN: What is your favorite part about cosplaying?

HC: I love to create and make costumes. It’s my passion. Every day I learn something new. What I really love about cosplay is that it is fashion without boundaries.

EN: Similar to the question above, what is your biggest challenge as a cosplayer?

HC: I think what can be both a blessing and a challenge is making your work public for the world to see. As an artist, I’m very sentimental with what I create. So it can be disheartening getting trolls on the internet. I realized that I can’t take neither compliments or criticism to heart. I try to focus on the positive and always thrive to learn and get better.

EN: Was there ever a cosplay you did that did not turn out how you wanted? What did you do?

HC: Yes it happens sometimes. I just stop and cut my losses.

EN: You have quite the following with over 21 thousand Instagram followers. How does that make you feel? Do you think your content has influenced your followers to pursue their own cosplays?

HC: I try not to focus on numbers because I never want it to dictate the type of content I want to create. I love to build and I love to teach. So especially lately, I’ve been focusing on what makes me happy as an artist. And if that helps and inspires others, that’s just a bonus.

EN: What was/is your favorite event to attend? Favorite cosplay?

HC: I really love going to Momocon in Atlanta. I enjoy the cosplay community there. It is very welcoming and non-competitive. It’s super hard to pick a favorite cosplay, because I’m always on to the next build. If I had to choose, I really loved my Shang Tsung cosplay. It was aesthetically beautiful and incorporated many techniques I’ve learned.

EN: If you could give any advice to aspiring cosplayers, what would you say? What would you tell the ‘you’ from 5 years ago?

HC: I would say don’t focus on social media. It is not the be-all or end-all. Do what you love. Let others inspire you. Be kind and humble. Don’t be afraid to talk to others and make friends. At the end of the day, it’s a community so focus on yourself and building connections.

Written by Paige Greenfield and Justin Amin

Featured image credit to kev_mija_photography

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