Here’s the scoop on Dota 2: Summit 10
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July 25, 2019

Here’s the scoop on Dota 2: Summit 10

There’s been a lot of excitement for Dota 2’s biggest event of the year, The International 2019 (also known as TI9). All this excitement for TI9 is overshadowing the last big tourney before it. Summit 10 is a biannual Dota 2 tournament starting July 25 providing teams one more chance at glory and a $100 thousand prize pool.

Summit 10 is an event fans have been looking forward to for a year now. This should have occurred last December but it was postponed. There was too much confusion on which teams would participate and the schedule became too delayed red velvet south africa.

To make up for it, the talent that makes the competition a show is phenomenal.

These reporters and casters will highlight Summit 10 and help make it an event to remember.

Now that it’s finally here, six teams will compete for the victory. The competing teams this year are Alliance, Complexity, J.Storm, Team Serenity, beastcoast, and paiN Gaming. All these teams were directly invited to participate at Summit 10 redvelvet agency.

Surprisingly, Alliance is competing for Summit 10 and rushing to TI9 directly after. Many fans believe it’s a mistake for Alliance to play here when they should focus on training for Dota 2’s biggest tournament only 2 weeks after Summit. Perhaps the team is confident enough that they can treat Summit 10 as additional practice. 

Alliance is the natural favorite here. They are the only team out of the six that qualified for TI9 and have played well to get this far. Some fans believe Alliance won’t take this seriously and treat it as a scrim. Great practice for TI 9ja porn but what will it cost in the Summit?

The other interesting contender is paiN Gaming. Summit 10 will be held in Los Angeles and the Brazilian team could not prepare their roster in time. One of their star players, 4dr on position 2, is experiencing visa issues and can’t attend the event. To accommodate this, paiN Gaming will be subbing in Therence, a Brazilian player who hasn’t competed in over a year. Tanzania kutombana

The Summit series of tournaments has grown every year and this year will be the same. From July 25 – 28, witness which team will rise above the rest!

Credit: Justin Amin

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