Horizon abilities explained in Apex Legends Season 7
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October 30, 2020

Horizon abilities explained in Apex Legends Season 7

Apex Legends Season 7 is around the corner, and just like all new seasons, it brings an array of new features, cosmetics, points of interest, and a new legend, Horizon. This season’s newest legend is an astrophysicist who has ventured into the great unknown. Horizon’s abilities use the power of gravity to disrupt and destroy enemies.

Horizon, aka Dr. Mary Summers, is an astrophysicist who ventured out into space to find crystals. The crystals she was looking for were the key to solving the earth’s climate change as they provided an insane amount of energy. Before leaving on an expedition around 100 years ago to find these crystals, she promised her son that she would come back. But that wasn’t the case.

When Dr. Summers found the crystals, she was betrayed by her partner and left for dead. In that instance, she used the crystal’s energy to travel back to earth but later found herself eighty-nine years in the future because of the warp. Her son was nowhere to be found. The world she once knew has been destroyed and she was alone. Despite no hope, she held time in her hands and with it, Dr. Summers promised to make things right again.

Horizon’s Abilities

Unlike previous legends, Horizon is equipped with agile abilities that give her a swift advantage in Apex Legends Season 7. She uses the power of gravity to either help allies or attack enemies. Her skill set makes her the perfect run-and-gun legend. Additionally, she’s a good counter against stationary-type legends like Rampart or Crypto.

Passive: Spacewalk

Horizon can maneuver through the air with increased control while falling. She also avoids fall stuns when landing.

Tactical: Gravity Lift

Taking the high-ground, Horizon can elevate or displace her team or enemies with her throwing device that creates a large spiral of blue light.

Horizon’s Ultimate Ability: Black Hole

Horizon’s ultimate ability throws NEWT, a device that creates a mini black hole that sucks in enemies and damages them. Additionally, grenades thrown in provide extra damage.

Equipped with crowd control abilities that either stop or boost movement, Horizon is the perfect legend for teams looking to take the agile route. To get the most out of her, it’s recommended pairing the legend with other swift characters like Bloodhound and Octane. These pairings give players the advantage they need to overrun more stationary legends like Wattson or Gibraltar easily. Additionally, players should utilize shotguns and SMGs as they’re more comfortable to use with faster team compositions.

Overall, Horizon seems to be an exciting addition to Apex Legends. The game has received many stationary legends in recent seasons and it’s great to see a change in the cycle. Especially with the new map, Olympus, and even a new vehicle, the Trident, it looks like Season 7 will be a blast. Fans can play the new Apex Legends character Horizon when Season 7 launches on November 4.

Written by Jay Hunter


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