Huge scandal with the FIFA 20 Global Series
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October 5, 2019

Huge scandal with the FIFA 20 Global Series

From pro players switching teams, to major changes in the 2020 season, to EA leaking personal data of players. The FIFA 2020 Global Series experiences a lot of drama for a tournament yet to start.  On October 9, EA Sports announced the start of the FIFA 20 Global Series. But the much anticipated FIFA season comes with problems of its own.

First off, EA opened its site for registration. As players signed up, personal details of other players who had gone through the registration process were visible.

EA’s leak includes personal information like name, email address, and date of birth. Many pro players immediately rampaged on Twitter. The most notable being KurtFIFA, a player banned by EA in the past.

EA Sports came out to apologize for this massive mistake in an official statement. They state they identified the cause of the leak and fixed it.

“We’ve determined that approximately 1600 players were potentially affected by this issue… player and privacy security are of the utmost importance to us, and we deeply apologise that our players encountered this issue.” -EA

Personal leaks are not the only thing pros are disappointed with for the 2020 FIFA Global Series. The fact that there is no increase in overall prize money leaves many pros dissatisfied. Talks last season surfaced on how other esports like League of Legends and Fortnite boast prize pools four times that of what EA offers in FIFA. But again, no actions increasing prize pools affected pools this year.

FIFA also just announced that issues exist with the Global Series website country selector. EA is removing the feature temporarily to address it.

Though the FIFA 20 Global Series is not off to the perfect start it hoped for, there is still much to note in this season.

After registration kicks off, a player reaches Elite rank one by earning 27 wins. These wins must happen in a single weekend of Weekend League to be FIFA Ultimate Champions Verified. Only verified players are eligible for invitation to FUT Champions Cup qualifiers, vital in racking up Global Series points for the season.

Image via Gaming4Cash.

Other changes in the FIFA 20 season include a reduction of Licensed Qualifier events to one. EA decided that the numerous LQE’s of last season did not achieve its purpose.

Global Series for this year marks the beginning of four reserved seats per console platform. Meaning the top four on Xbox and Ps4 for each FUT Champs Cup are guaranteed qualification to the next FUT Cup tournament.

In addition, EA adds four new countries to its list of eligible countries of residence for FUT Champion Verified players. The eChampions League also returns to PS4 to host exclusive tournaments in various countries throughout the season.

This season sees the most significant transfers of pro players so far in the 2019 eWorld Cup Champ. Mo Auba moves on from Werder Bremen to Starkesports. Tekkz, a four-time FUT Champs Cup winner last year, parts ways with F2 and has yet to join a team. Finally, top player Lyricz is joining FUTWIZ.

As Weekend Leagues begin, the road to the eWorld cup takes off. Who the next 2020 Champion is a question left to come.

Written by Rashidat Jimoh

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