Immortal Gaming Club may sell OWL team LA Valiant
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November 12, 2020

Immortal Gaming Club may sell OWL team LA Valiant

A report stated that Immortals Gaming Club is looking to sell its Overwatch League team, the Los Angeles Valiant, after selling Call of Duty League team OpTic Gaming to “H3CZ.”

Immortals Gaming Club expressed the wish to rethink its resource allocation, especially in this business environment. The organization wants to shift its focus from expensive franchise-based operations to online gaming.

LA Valiant out of Overwatch League

IGC broke the news a couple of days ago when it announced that its Call of Duty League franchise spot had been sold to 100 Thieves. At that time, some were wondering why it did so. Fans worried about the financial situation of the organization. However, now that Immortals Gaming Club is also exploring selling options of the Los Angeles Valiant, it is clear that this was a part of a well-thought-out strategy.

This comes after Hector “H3CZ” Rodriguez brought OpTic back to Call of Duty League spotlight by rebranding. The Chicago Huntsmen will be replaced by OpTic Chicago.

Los Angeles VALIANT out of OWL?

Image credits to Los Angeles VALIANT

In its report, Bloomberg stated that IGC was looking to reallocate its resources to online gaming operations. Last year, the organization acquired Gamers Club, social platforms gathering gamers.

Immortals Gaming Club’s Future

The coronavirus pandemic hit many businesses and their plans hard. Immortals Gaming Club had their vision completely blocked out by the current situation, who put emphasis on live and in-arena events before the pandemic hit. With two franchises in Call of Duty League and Overwatch League, IGC suffered a huge loss of income without a proportional loss in expenses. A sale of the LA Valiant may be more necessary than fans think.

Immortals Gaming Club

Image credits to Immortals Gaming Club

Some esports leagues decided to help their franchises, like what the Overwatch League did with delaying franchise fees. However, this pandemic clearly taught a lesson to many companies out there. Those who weren’t capable of shutting down their secondary market as fast as possible ended up failing. Still, it is not a good sign for one of the first investors of the Overwatch League to move away. If rumors are true of LA Valiant’s sale, then that brings another big team to rebrand.

Written by Charles FUSTER


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