Is Rocket League coming to mobile?
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June 6, 2020

Is Rocket League coming to mobile?

In the latest gaming and esports news, Rocket League developer Psyonix may bring the game over to mobile devices. Some searching from Gamer’s Digest revealed signs that the game may hit mobile markets soon. With Rocket League’s sustained success and continued growth, especially towards console gamers, fans have wanted a mobile version for years.

Rocket League Mobile

Today’s reveal comes from a seemingly normal job post. Psyonix posted a variety of job openings on their Twitter page. After a further inspection of the openings on their website, an opening for development and quality assurance testers. But the giveaway here that a Rocket League mobile version may be in the works is the job description.

Image credit to Gamer’s Digest.

The job description calls for an applicant with experience in mobile game testing. Their primary responsibility would be to test mobile application development. But why would Psyonix want an expert in mobile game development when its only compatible title, ARC Squadron, was released years ago and flagship game Rocket League mostly supports Psyonix? The obvious answer is to keep boosting that flagship title to other platforms.

As Rocket League continues to grow and recently made it to the Nintendo Switch platform, it’s no surprise that Psyonix wants to keep that momentum going. Not to mention that Epic Games recently acquired Psyonix and expansion is constantly on the Fortnite developer’s eye. Considering how fast Fortnite was able to expand to other platforms and the game’s success, a mobile Rocket League seems likely.

Mobile RLCS?

Unfortunately, a Rocket League port likely won’t see any competitive esports play. Since mobile players will find it difficult to make complex combos, RLCS will be a dream. Rocket League is also very simple in terms of control schemes. While hitting Rocket League esports is unlikely, many casual players will thrive thanks to the game’s basic controls.

As one of the top esports and games in the world, Rocket League holds a powerful presence. The popular esports title recently made headlines when 13 Rocket League Championship Series teams drafted a letter to Psyonix with complaints about the format. The addition of a mobile Rocket League game will expand the game’s reach and its esports fan base.

Written by Justin Amin

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