CS:GO patch introduces new maps and improves Trusted Mode
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July 25, 2020

CS:GO patch introduces new maps and improves Trusted Mode

Valve just released the new July 23 patch for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Even though it did not bring a new CS:GO Operation like rumors stated, this update still brings interesting features. It includes two new maps, Mutiny and Swamp, coming at the cost of Jungle and Chlorine. In addition, decoy grenades received a large quality-of-life upgrade that will satisfy many players. Finally, CS:GO Trusted Mode saw some tweaks to cause fewer problems. Anyone interested can look at the full July 23 patch notes for this CS:GO update.

CS:GO July 23 Patch

Trusted Mode

VALORANT’s Riot Vanguard counterpart, CS:GO Trusted Mode has been quite a nightmare since release. Its main goal was to block third-party programs to interact with the game’s files. But many players experienced problems, showcased by how many blogs and videos can be found on the topic. Allowing certain programs to run would result in a drastic fall of one’s Trusted Factor.

Now, all launch options saw resets and a “compatibility” option is there for those who want to allow some software to launch alongside the game.

Decoy Behavior

Accidents tend to happen with decoy grenades, resulting in being kicked out after launching one at a teammate. With the recent kill feed update, the damage report is more accurately updated for players who disconnect or switch teams.

Image credits to Valve

As Valve tries to remove any means for players to negatively impact a game and cause toxicity, this was the next step. Now, decoy grenades do not cause friendly fire damage when they explode. This new setting is activated by default with the new CS:GO patch but can be turned in the config.

New CS:GO Maps

Both Mutiny and Swamp make their entrances as new CS:GO maps. However, in order to add two new maps, the map pool needed to make room for new ones to shine. Chlorine and Jungle were removed in exchange for Mutiny and Swamp, which will be available on Deathmatch, Scrimmage, and Casual. They are not yet in Competitive map pools though that might change someday.

Swamp, as its name suggests, is an open area with lots of water, allowing for some creative ducking and covering.

Image credits to Valve

Mutiny, on the other hand, is a vertical map with high stone buildings covered with moss. Controlling mid in this map will certainly lead to victory.

Image credits to Valve

This CS:GO July 23 patch may not seem like much but it includes map diversity, reduces potential toxicity, and addresses known issues of Trusted Mode.

Written by Charles FUSTER

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