Latest Overwatch update patches Sombra
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October 29, 2020

Latest Overwatch update patches Sombra

The latest Overwatch update focuses on providing a better experience for players. Among the many bugs fixed are some related to the hero Sombra.

Even though Overwatch 2 comes soon, Blizzard still takes the time to patch the first title. This month, the developers focused on improving the playability of some characters. As a result, Lucio, Wrecking Ball, and many other heroes are now more playable than ever. For this patch, Blizzard decided to focus heavily on Sombra, who needed some fixes and updates.

Overwatch Sombra Update

When playing as Sombra, her ability to turn invisible is her greatest asset. Furthermore, this ability was created to let players when she’s spotted. This mix of abilities should make Sombra the best hero for gathering information. However, a bug has been in the game for some time that prevented the ability from functioning normally. This update should put an end to this behavior.

Overwatch Update patch Sombra

Image credits to Blizzard

The developers also updated and removed another annoying glitch concerning Sombra. When she used her teleporting ability and her Translocator was destroyed in the process, it still went on its usual cooldown from time to time. Normally, the game still allows Sombra to use this ability directly. This update fixes this bug in order for this power to have the same rules as the others.

Many players decided to focus on other characters while these bugs ruined the playing experience. Now, players can play with Sombra as the developers intended in the first place.

Bug Fixes

A general bug was also corrected, related to colorblind-friendly names not appearing correctly on players’ screens. The Workshop received quite a bit of attention from Blizzard in this update with seven bugs disappearing from the game.

  • Fixed a bug where Workshop Setting Combo failed to paste when using the non-default option
  • The bug where presets/codes would fail to import when created using older versions of Workshop Setting Int/Real/Toggle was patched.
  • Fixed a bug where Player Stat and Player Hero Stat would not work in the Conditions of a Rule
  • The bug where having a high number of dormant Conditions and Actions would have a worse impact on server load than usual does not happen anymore.
  • Fixed a bug where an expensive Condition in a Wait Until action could continue to affect server load after the action finished
  • Sometimes, multiple Start Camera or Start Facing actions on the same player interfered with each other, causing some not to work. This update will prevent this behavior to happen from now on.
  • Fixed a bug that caused Sombra to avoid detection when scaled over twice as large.

While some updates focus on bringing new content or impacting the meta, others are clearly more modest. Although these bug fixes may not seem like much, players will certainly feel improvements in this Overwatch update, especially for Sombra players.

Written by Charles FUSTER


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