August 29, 2019

League of Legends Clash and how to compete

Riot Games has been trying to release the game mode ‘Clash,’ a series of bi-weekly tournaments made in the League of Legends Client. It has only been available on the Public Beta Environment, but it has received a lot of positive feedback from the community.

So what is Clash?

Players and four teammates all gather and compete online to win prizes and bragging rights. Teams can earn victory points, trophies, and banners that appear on the Summoner’s Rift map for placing in the upper brackets.

To sign-up for Clash, you have to have the following requirements:

  • Level 30 or Above
  • Finished all ranked placements
  • Hold an Honor level of 2 or higher.

After that, players will have to confirm via SMS their account. When you register your number, that number will be confirmed and locked to the account it was used on.

“We take smurfing seriously and it’s not allowed in Clash,” Riot States. “To prevent smurfs, players of higher skill playing with and destroying lower level players, all players need to link their account to a valid mobile phone number.”

Players can then scout for other players to create a full team of five. If one of your teammates can’t make a day of competition, a substitute player can cover them. Subs are allowed on the second and third days of Clash. Once they’re locked in, they play all matches for the day.

Teams are free to choose any logo provided from Riot, either from purchasing from the in-game store, winning tournaments or using a default, and a team name and a tag, barring any restricted language.

Team will then be matched via a scouting matchmaking system which separates players by tiers. Tier 4 is the lowest and Tier 1 is the highest. Tiers are decided by the weighted average skill of the team, so Tier 3 or 4 teammates will not be playing in Tier 1 with one strong Tier 1 level player.

After that, players will need a ticket to participate. To get tickets, there are several methods from in-game missions, a teammate, or the store at 215 Riot Points or 990 Blue Essence. (The first ticket is free if you use Riot’s website to create your team, it is unknown if this will continue after the first Clash is over.) 

Tickets will remain as long as you win, so any repeat winners can hypothetically purchase one ticket and continue to enter more if they keep winning, so the incentive to be good to save money is there.

Longtime players are itching for a genuinely competitive game mode since ranked queues seem to be anything but, and not all players have the ability to play on a professional stage, but once Clash is implemented, any team can feel LCS-calibur with the bragging rights to show it.

Unfortunately, Clash is still not formally released and is still in Beta. The game mode has been plagued with technical issues on structure and implementation, but players can still participate in the testing realm and provide feedback to Riot while also playing this highly competitive game mode.

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Credit: Rudolf Baldovino

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