League of Legends Clash finally starts
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February 19, 2020

League of Legends Clash finally starts

Nearly two years after its initially intended release, the Clash game mode will be fully released on February 22, with registration open February 17. Clash is a full tournament game mode accessible to League of Legends players of any rank.

About a week before each tournament, players will have time to assemble a team of five players. Depending on the team’s highest rank and performances in previous tournaments, the team will receive a Tier ranking.

Teams will only be matched with other teams of the same tier. Accounts participating in the League of Legends Clash must be linked to phone numbers to help prevent smurfing and maintain competitive integrity.


When registering, players can enter with a basic or premium Clash ticket. Premium tickets will give higher rewards. Currently, exact tables for Clash loot are unknown but there is reasonable speculation from the betas. Rewards include clash banners and trophies to unlock for your team. Additional loot will likely be orbs and capsules containing skin shards and other premium content.

Previously, losing early in the tournament would eliminate the team from further play. But upon official release, Riot announced the implementation of multiple consolation brackets for teams who underperform in the first round. Every team will be able to play three matches regardless of their results.

Leading up to Clash tournaments, missions will be provided to players that award them with Clash tickets. Additionally, Riot also expressed the desire to expand Clash to more players and multiple game modes in a developer forum post. Most of this desire is speculative, but Clash tournaments for game modes like Teamfight Tactics or Ultra Rapid Fire are not completely out of the question. Given the success of Clash, Riot likely will capitalize on the idea for their other ventures.

Clash solves one of the issues plaguing the game for years. League of Legends esports grew with Solo/Duo Queue being the premier game mode. But with LoL being a complex team-based game, Solo/Duo Queue holds inherent flaws. The main reason being a lack of voice communication across teams. Advanced macro decisions are difficult to nearly impossible to execute through just text chat. The majority of the player base cuts off plays and excitement crucial to the enjoyment of the game. A few years ago, Flex Queue even replaced the Ranked Teams game mode and has since lost its tension as players don’t take it seriously.

Providing the player base a way to experience the best parts of League of Legends not only makes the game more enjoyable but incentivizes further engagement with the League of Legends ecosystem. Game guides will evolve to not just cover individual micro-play but also team decision making. Players now have an extra excuse to watch pro play. Now, less competitive regions have more reasons to be interested in a competitive environment. Clash is not just an anticipated game mode. If Riot plays their cards right, League of Legends Clash helps pave the way for longevity in the future.

Written by Devon Huge

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