League of Legends finally renovated the Death Recap
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July 20, 2019

League of Legends finally renovated the Death Recap

It’s been many years but the Riot Games development team has finally revamped the death recap feature in League of Legends. The death recap feature is a pop-up window that appears after a champion dies and gives “detailed” stats on how they died.

These stats provide information that detail what to be scared of, such as a one-shot death. Info provided includes damage from basic attacks, abilities, items, and even Summoner Spells. It’s been accurate but there have been awkward inconsistencies.

Riot Games via Polygon

Ever taken 260 damage from using Flash? It’s happened. And it shouldn’t have. This update changes that.

The new and improved death recap not only improves the user interface, it provides more details than before. Not only that, you can now see which abilities did what type of damage and what keys those abilities are bound to. Maybe knowing that Lux killed you with her ultimate bound to the X key will give you an edge?

This update is a quality of life change and the new visuals will keep players’ eyes on the death recap longer. Some players pay little to no attention to the recap and minimize it to continue watching the Cotonou escort game. 

We have long needed an updated death recap and this update is now live on all servers. But, don’t die too much and get overly familiar with the feature, Summoners.

Credit: Justin Amin

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