League of Legends Patch 10.15 Preview
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July 14, 2020

League of Legends Patch 10.15 Preview

The next League of Legends Patch 10.15 will soon hit live servers and it brings big changes. Yesterday, League of Legends lead gameplay designer Marc Yetter unveiled the Patch 10.15 preview, highlighting the next update.

As always, Riot Games uses the PBE to test balance changes before affecting every player and pro. In this particular patch, two of the most popular and played champions receive the stick again: Aphelios and Lee Sin. The newest League of Legends champion, Lillia, will also enter the rift in Patch 10.15.

Patch 10.15 Nerfs

As always, Aphelios proves difficult to balance. From his introduction, Riot Games regularly changes his abilities to find a perfect balance. This time, his turrets’ spin-up time will receive a nerf. This means the turret will take longer to shoot after it’s created. Without this nerf, these turrets were too strong and difficult to counter, especially in the laning phase. Now, opponents will have some time to maneuver and come up with something to counterattack.

After not being touched for almost ten months, Lee Sin is finally in the target list for nerfs. Although he is a high skill floor champion, the Blind Monk is a staple in pro play. With that in mind, Riot Games plans to strip away some of his basic stats. Tank Fiddlesticks, Ornn, Twisted Fate, and Thresh will also be hit in the upcoming League of Legends Patch 10.15.

Patch 10.15 Buffs

On Marc Yetter’s tweet, fans can also witness what is planned for Swain and Skarner. This will be quite a big update for these two because of how many changes they must go through. However, they are not the only ones getting buffs. Shen, Gragas, Irelia, Yuumi, and Caitlyn will receive buffs to help them see more play. But for now, players are still in the dark as to what these buffs will be.

As League of Legends esports continues with Summer Playoffs and Worlds approaching, this update brings updates for pros before these events start. League of Legends Patch 10.15 holds great importance as it shapes what the next competitions will look like.

Written by Charles FUSTER

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