LEC fines Astralis League of Legends team
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October 13, 2020

LEC fines Astralis League of Legends team

LEC commissioner Maximilian Peter Schmidt revealed on LoL Esports the result of its investigation on Astralis’ recent actions. The European league decided that Astralis needed a fine.

It was Astralis’s own staff that reached out to the LEC in the first place. They experienced both missing salary payments and issues with their interim general manager. That led the LEC to open an investigation to find out the truth. But it didn’t end well for Astralis and isn’t a good start either for the team. After its rebrand, this is the first time the public is hearing about Astralis’ League of Legends team.

LEC Takes Action

According to Riot Games, there were no ill intentions with the missing payments. Astralis being a Danish organization, it has to follow its country’s procedures for payments. These problems were more the fault of the Danish jurisdiction than Astralis. Even though the team could probably have done more about the situation, it is still hard to blame Astralis for it.

Team Astralis

Image credits to Astralis

However, the info surrounding the interim general manager is far more serious. The investigation proved that he indeed had a “conduct unbecoming of a LEC Team Manager.” This behavior was a mix of misunderstanding contract terms and verbal abuse.

The esports industry is young and potential investors scout out every detail before investing in it. This kind of misconduct isn’t what represents esports, so it is no wonder the LEC took this very seriously.

Astralis Fined

Of course, Astralis will see punishment with a $5 thousand fine. However, the LEC also plans to do more than just a fine. Because of Astralis’ mistakes, LEC is enforcing new rules on them.

Competitive ruling

Image credits to LoL Esports

First, Astralis is obligated to open a direct line for its team members so they can accurately report on what occurs. Then, the Danish organization must educate its employees about their economic situation, including taxes and vacation pays. Next, the LEC will monitor the situation during the entire 2021 season to make sure this never happens again. Finally, both Astralis and the general manager receive an official warning. The European league is putting the blame on Astralis, as the organization should be “responsible for the actions of their employees.”

LEC not only punishes Astralis but also shows the proper way to operate and ensure that they will implement long-term strategies. Right now, Worlds 2020 attracts eyes from all over the world. LEC’s decision to sanction Astralis comes at a good time when fans are distracted.

Written by Charles FUSTER


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