LiveHive Platform launches to Boost Mobile Gaming
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June 4, 2021

LiveHive Platform launches to Boost Mobile Gaming

Innovative Colorado-based company LiveHive introduced a new software as a service (SaaS) platform solution to improve marketing campaigns for e-commerce and mobile gaming.

LiveHive Platform

The new service looks to primarily help small to medium size businesses tap into quick-growing markets. Effective and low-cost marketing solutions driven by artificial intelligence, machine learning, and neuroeconomics are a competitive new entry to the field. LiveHive plans to leverage the growing mobile gaming market thanks to gamification and its new innovative platform.

“We love games and making games, as well as the ecommerce space, and we wanted to fuse them together helping our SME clients with less branding power generate substantial returns like large enterprise companies for a fraction of the cost,” said Patrick Womack, CEO and chairman of LiveHive. “Think of LiveHive as Steam meets Groupon for ecommerce. LiveHive is the easiest platform for B2B customers who are familiar with AdWords and Facebook campaigns to create successful gamified marketing. Our platform is based on the highly flexible HTML 5 protocol.”

Mobile Gaming Marketing for Business

LiveHive’s SaaS platform uses its unique technology to influence buyers into making better economic choices. This comes as a big competitor to the market with other multinational businesses relying on low engagement pay-per-click ads. The company’s main services include innovative advertising, brand impression boosting, channel integration, AI chatbots, social media management, and more.

“Our management team has more than 65 years of combined experience at the highest level in scaling businesses centered around sales, marketing, web, technology, game development, and deployment,” Womack added. “They have published, launched, and managed hundreds of games and apps across many different app stores, accumulating tens of millions of downloads worldwide through implementing savvy marketing strategies and successfully executing on the global stage.”

Through a reliable team with an exciting new product, businesses will want to take advantage of the marketing platform soon. LiveHive currently is planning a beta launch in July with its official launch in 2021 Q4. On top of mobile gaming’s growth, LiveHive aims to launch new games and a game hub system. Businesses, investors, and even consumers will want to keep up with this platform.

Written by Justin Amin

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