Los Angeles Valiant taken over by LinGan e-Sports
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February 19, 2021

Los Angeles Valiant taken over by LinGan e-Sports

A report revealed that Lingan e-Sports could be in charge of operating one of LA’s esports teams, the Los Angeles Valiant, the new Overwatch League team for the Asia-Pacific division.

The pandemic situation is improving in China, so teams like NYXL, the Philadelphia Fusion, and the Los Angeles Valiant took on the opportunity to compete in the Overwatch League Asia-Pacific division. The LA Valiant’s recently announced the release of its staff and roster due to visa-related issues. It was only a matter of time before a more experienced organization takes over.

LA Valiant

The LA Valiant did not make an official announcement yet, but a report on Weibo may have leaked the information. This leak only announced the team’s intention to compete as soon as possible with a new Chinese roster. In addition, since LGE should have full power over the LA Valiant’s operations, a few other changes might come.

Entering a new market is never easy and changing things might be for the better. Businesses sometimes want to alter their branding to make their way onto new audiences. So, over the course of a few weeks, the Los Angeles Valiant could potentially lose its name and iconic colors.

LinGan e-Sports

It’s been more than a year since LGE’s last involvement in Overwatch esports. The company is remembered as one of its most active organizations. After all, many players and coaches managed by LGE in the past found their way onto regular spots within Overwatch League or academy teams.

Lingan e-Sports takes over LA Valiant

Its two biggest achievements in 2019 were the Chengdu Hunters’ participation at The Gauntlet and the Pacific Showdown. But before stepping onto that international stage, this team managed to win a few Contenders tournaments and cement itself as a feel-good story. However, Lingan e-Sports stepped out from this organization without any explanations.

Like the Los Angeles Valiant in the Asia-Pacific region, many teams from within the Overwatch League ecosystem are trying to make changes for the better. While Hangzhou Spark recently updated their communication policy, New York Excelsior made significant changes to its DPS line-up. While they have the same goal of performing better, these teams need to solve different challenges.

Written by Charles FUSTER


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