Master Chief from the Halo Franchise enters Fortnite
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December 11, 2020

Master Chief from the Halo Franchise enters Fortnite

Epic Games revealed its next Fortnite crossover during The Game Awards 2020, continuing the trend of fan-favorite characters added into its lore with Master Chief from the Halo franchise, including a new map called Blood Gulch.

Even though Galactus took his destructive power to the next level, it isn’t so bad for Fortnite fans. As a result of this event, multiple characters coming from different franchises are brought up on the battlefield. After Marvel, DC Comics, and Star Wars, it is now time for Halo to shine upon Fortnite.

Master Chief in Fortnite

Even though it was leaked a couple of days ago, Halo fans currently playing Fortnite should be happy. They will have the possibility to play the game while wearing the skin of their favorite character. In addition, items like the Gravity Hammer and a few unique vehicles are also part of this next update. So, Fortnite Season 5 players now get access to the Warthog and Pelican to roam around the Fortnite map.

Master Chief in Fortnite

Image credits to Epic Games

Epic Games revealed that they worked on a recreation of a classic map from Halo called Blood Gulch. Available on December 11, players will be able to wander around those classic mountains in an open area where everything comes down to skill. Those who decide to buy the Master Chief skin on Xbox platforms will also receive an alternate color for free.

Zero Point

Since Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5 Zero Point is the perfect strategy to introduce different characters, Master Chief’s entry makes sense. With the game being free-to-play, there is only a special need in catching potential players’ attention. Popular mediums like cinema, TV shows, and video games are really useful to Epic Games in that sense.

Zero Point Fortnite

Image credits to Epic Games

Fortnite is also adopting an aggressive marketing strategy that does not give players time to think. Updates are coming one after the other, introducing more and more characters. The final part of Epic Games’ plan is to transform these new players into hardcore fans. While the skin system works well, it also just launched a new subscription service in Fortnite Crew, which brings monthly skins and in-game items.

Written by Charles FUSTER


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