Moqii sets a record as first female player to win a FNCS Qualifier
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August 3, 2020

Moqii sets a record as first female player to win a FNCS Qualifier

Fourteen-year-old “Moqii” just set a record for being the only female to win a Fortnite Champion Series Qualifier session.

She started playing at the beginning of 2019 just after turning thirteen. Before that age, Epic Games forbids players from entering tournaments and competing. But even at such a young age, she performed well at each tournament before this FNCS qualifier. Throughout the whole FNCS session, Moqii scored 94 points, beating second place by only one point.

FNCS Qualifier

During the seven games that she played, she scored 94 points with three victory royales. In addition, she averaged around six kills per game, making her an offensive threat to be feared. This performance allowed her to reach the number one spot.

The way she scored her points is fairly even. 46 percent of her total points are represented by the kills she earned while the rest came from placement points. She focused on a single strategy of killing the most opponents while surviving as long as possible.

Although this is impressive, she needs to continue performing at that level to qualify for the next stages. The Fortnite season finals are set to be played from August 14 to 16 and will gather players who consistently bring their A-game during qualifier rounds.

Gen.G Moqii

From Summer 2019 to now, Moqii gradually improved and even reached top 20 in a few tournaments. However, her best result before this event was just an eleventh place finish.

Despite these results, the young player showed enough skill and promise to spark the interest of Gen.G Esports. In February 2020, she was officially signed by Gen.G and joined the organization. Moqii added an important message when she joined. Females should have a more important role in the esports industry. This session’s win will solidify her reputation and adds more credibility to what she might do in the future.

Fortnite players and fans will keep an open eye on her performances in the future to see if she will end up a threat. Nonetheless, Moqii will certainly be a role model for females in esports.

Written by Charles FUSTER

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