Nairo is the official King of Wifi Random Characters
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June 1, 2020

Nairo is the official King of Wifi Random Characters

Quarantine Series is here so the Smash Ultimate competitive scene finally got some tournament action. Although no live tournaments can currently take place, this tournament is here to keep fans entertained. It continues forward for Smash online, but this time with a twist. The latest version of the Quarantine Series only allowed players to pick random characters to find out who is the King of Wifi Random Characters. In the end, NRG Nairoby “Nairo” Quezada came out on top.

King of Wifi Random Characters

Most of the tournaments in the Smash Quarantine Series have prize pools topping $10 thousand. Some serious money is up for grabs at these tournaments, which creates pressure for the players competing. Charlie “Cr1TiKaL” and Jacob “Alpharad” Rabon joined forces and are currently working through it.

However, Cr1TiKaL did not want professional players to stress out about the tournaments that he is creating. To prevent fans from being stressed out, he decided to make the tournament more fun. The King of Wifi Random Characters was the latest addition to the Quarantine Series. As the title may indicate, players can only choose the random button for character selection. That keeps players on their toes and makes it a fun viewing experience for those watching. On top of that, players outside of the top 8 were paid out as well.

As seen by the results, Nairo ended up taking the crown, defeating everyone with random characters. Just under him in second place was T1 Leonardo “MKLeo” Lopez Perez, the current number one player in the world. Nairo is currently ranked fourth on the Panda Global Rankings Ultimate.

Quarantine Series King Nairo

During his personal streams, Nairo often does character requests when he plays online. He would play random characters on some special occasions. Nairo is also a specialist in the Iron Man Challenge, where a player must win with every single character without losing a game. Considering that, Nairo had some experience playing many Smash Ultimate characters. Thus, he had a small advantage going into the tournament.

On top of that, Nairo is one of the best Smash Ultimate players in the world which means Nairo was clearly set up for success in this tournament. MKLeo arguably holds the best fundamentals in the world for Smash Ultimate so it’s no wonder he ended up second place for this Quarantine Series event. On top of MKLeo and Nairo, other notable Smash players made it to the top 8.

Some of the Ultimate players have been absent in the top 8’s of recent online tournaments because of how different online play is. With everyone playing random characters, the King of Wifi Random Characters in the Quarantine Series showed why fundamentals are important for Smash. The next tournament for the Quarantine Series will be exclusively for European players.

Written by Daniel Borjas

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