Nairo to start streaming Smash again
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April 2, 2021

Nairo to start streaming Smash again

Former Smash esports player Nairoby “Nairo” Quezada announced today he plans to return to streaming after his lawsuit against Zack “Captain Zack” Lauth.

Nairo to Stream Again

As one of the best players in the world, the community can’t wait to see his return. Nairo shared on social media this morning that he will begin streaming on YouTube Gaming starting Thursday, April 8. This is because his account is still banned on Twitch, which compromises his appearance in events too.

Nairo already appealed bans from every major company that banned him. 2GG, Collision Series, and the Smash Global Ban List reversed their bans and will get him back on Smash esports. Unfortunately, getting banned on Twitch means he cannot appear on other Twitch streams without potentially harming those too. In order to protect other users and tournament organizers, he won’t appear in any Smash competitions just yet. But he at least looks forward to creating content once again despite his trauma.

Smash Esports Community

Ever since CaptainZack accused him of sexual assault and blackmail last summer, his team, NRG Esports, dropped him and he lost his Smash career. Things got more confusing when Nairo denied the claims, stating he was the victim instead, not Zack. However, given that Nairo claims to have a 30-page document with evidence and hired an attorney, it’s likely that CaptainZack’s accusations against him are indeed false, though only time will tell.

Currently, the community is still recovering from everything uncovered last summer. Amidst rampant allegations of sexual abuse from different players, it became difficult to discern the truth. Not everyone could provide evidence about what transpired, which led to leading figures like Nairo, CaptainZack, and more embroiled in disputes and legal battles.

The fighting game community struggled in general with former Evo CEO Joey “MrWizard” Cuellar, accused of abuse, leading to EVO 2020 getting canceled. The Smash community struggled further when Nintendo made esports increasingly difficult. Canceling The Big House Online 2020 devastated players.

Nairo’s last Smash esports tournament was a big one where he came in first place at King of Wifi Random Characters, a part of the Quarantine Series. Since then, he hasn’t participated in competitions amidst the controversy with him and CaptainZack. Fans will be excited to see him return to creating content.

Written by Justin Amin

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