Natus Vincere wins CS:GO Gamers Without Borders charity tournament
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June 1, 2020

Natus Vincere wins CS:GO Gamers Without Borders charity tournament

Natus Vincere claimed victory at the Gamers Without Borders Counter-Strike: Global Offensive charity tournament. With a $2 million cash prize, it was the fifth esports charity tournament organized by Gamers Without Borders this year. Some of the best CS:GO teams out there participated in this tournament, including FaZe Clan, OG Esports, G2 Esports, Fnatic, mousesports, and Natus Vincere. After the event, NaVi donated their $750 thousand cash prize to UNICEF to aid COVID-19 relief efforts. Gamers Without Borders also plans to hold one last tournament later this month.

Natus Vincere vs FaZe Clan

Starting the tournament in Semifinals, FaZe Clan was the obstacle to overcome in Grand Finals. After NaVi’s win on Inferno 13-11, FaZe Clan dominated Vertigo 13-2. The decider round, played on Nuke, saw Aleksandr “s1mple” Kostyliev showing his might. With 27 kills from s1mple, Natus Vincere claimed victory in overtime with a 15-12 score.

Gamers Without Borders charity esports tournament Natus Vincere win

Image credits to Gamers Without Borders

OG, after sweeping Fnatic in Quarterfinals, came with the hopes of reaching the grand finals. However, mousesports was too much for OG’s players to handle in the semifinals and suffered defeat 1-2. The Grand Final was a showdown between two of the biggest CS:GO teams, mousesports and Natus Vincere.

Gamers Without Borders Finals

The series started on Mirage with a close win by Natus Vincere with a 13-11 score. The second round followed this trend when NaVi decided to fight on Dust 2. They completely destroyed mousesports 13-3 and secured a comfortable 2-0 lead. Everything seemed to be going in NaVi’s favor.

However, mousesports finally fought back. After a 4-8 deficit on Nuke, they showed the determination to come back, allowing mousesports to take the lead and secure their first victory 13-11. The pressure was still on mousesports’ side, even after regaining some momentum. NaVi picked Train to secure the final victory but then the map 10-13. For fans, this was the most exciting result by going all the way to a fifth game. Game 5, especially after mousesports’ comeback, promised to deliver some incredible highlights.

And this final game delivered and gave fans a run for their money. Inferno was chosen to be the series decider. After using the last two maps to get in rhythm, mousesports led the first half 8-4, hoping to end in a reverse sweep. Unfortunately, another twist happened as NaVi regained composure and thus took the map into overtime, which they dominated. NaVi won the Gamers Without Borders CS:GO tournament ending the Game 5 with a 15-13 score.

This esports charity tournament kept all its promises and more. Fans will definitely look out for the rematch between NaVi and mousesports as it’s sure to be explosive.

Written by Charles FUSTER

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