Street Fighter V Summer Update announces new characters and more
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August 5, 2020

Street Fighter V Summer Update announces new characters and more

Capcom’s Street Fighter V Summer Update revealed fan favorites and a long-forgotten franchise. Assisted by AEWs Kenny Omega, Capcom showed four new characters for the final season of Street Fighter V. The company also teased an unannounced fifth character for the FGC.

Street Fighter V Summer Update

New Characters

The first of the four characters announced was Dan, perhaps the most beloved joke character in video game history. Dan has been a mainstay in the franchise and FGC since his debut in Street Fighter Alpha. Fans speculated Dan’s involvement for some time and saw some development footage of the pink warrior in action during the livestream. Dan will be the first of the announced characters to be released. A target date of Winter along with a balance patch will accompany his release.

AEW’s Kenny Omega made an appearance to introduce Rose, one of the series’ most popular characters. The Alpha character was heavily featured in the Street Fighter V story and served as the mentor to new character Menat, yet has been unplayable until now. Rose will release in Spring 2021 along with a new stage.

Capcom reached deep into their catalog to pull out two characters from obscurity. Street Fighter III’s Oro and Rival Schools’ Akira rounded out the new characters, making their first appearance in any Capcom game after nearly 20 years. Oro and Akira will see release next Summer. Plans for a fifth character also came up, with their release scheduled for Winter 2021, presumably the last for 2016’s Street Fighter V.

Street Fighter League Season 3

Before moving onto the next announcement, Capcom put out a teaser for the upcoming 3v3 Street Fighter League Season 3. The league operated out of the US and Japan for the previous two seasons, culminating in a USA vs. Japan match at the 2019 Capcom Cup won by Japan, but this current season sees a mix of players from all over the world. Delays as a result of COVID-19 pushed back the weekly competition to 2021.

Before signing off, Capcom announced a free trial of Street Fighter V: Champion Edition and sweeping discounts for the title ranging from 25-60% off retail prices on all platforms. All things considered, the title looks to have enough content and support to keep fans for one more season. As Capcom continues to support and improve the FGC, it looks like the troubled days of Street Fighter V are long gone thanks to the Street Fighter V Summer Update.

Written by Danny Howard

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