New Erangel Map comes in PUBG Mobile Patch 1.0
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August 29, 2020

New Erangel Map comes in PUBG Mobile Patch 1.0

On September 8, the newest version of PUBG Mobile brings an updated version of the Erangel map. That information was released on the Apple Store preview of PUBG Mobile Patch 1.0.

Just a week after introducing PUBG Mobile Campus Championship 2020, Tencent is making esports news again. The Erangel map update also comes with improvements to textures, graphic effects, and lightning.

New Erangel Map

Earlier PUBG Mobile fans will remember Erangel as one of the first maps after downloading the game. By now, it needs a complete overhaul to make it exciting again to play on. Mylta Power is completely changed and more intimidating than ever with over seven warehouses added. Locations like Military Base or Mansion are also seeing tactical tweaks.

The new Erangel map brings many opportunities to gain tactical advantages. From fences to barricades, players must be extra careful and react faster than before. Enemies can come out of nowhere.

PUBG Mobile Improvements

Players will enjoy the new graphic features introduced in PUBG Mobile Patch 1.0. From smokes to particle effects to explosions, PUBG Corporation worked on improving the overall look of the game. For example, water reflections receive improvements so players can gather information from looking at water surfaces.

Buildings and grass are now more realistic and character models have better shading and animations. The lighting systems and lobby also saw improvements. The developers added a special room dedicated to showing off skins. The new Erangel map will replace the old one on September 8 in PUBG Mobile Patch 1.0.

Written by Charles FUSTER

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