New Hearthstone Ranking System Resets Player Ratings
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September 26, 2020

New Hearthstone Ranking System Resets Player Ratings

Blizzard has just announced that by next week, all players’ ratings will be reset to zero to pave the way for a new ranking system. The DevOps team teased this during a Reddit AMA. Following this reset, Hearthstone Battlegrounds will receive an entirely new rating system and possible content updates.

Hearthstone Rating Reset

The announcement coincides with the previous launch of the Year of the Phoenix roadmap. Most of the Blizzard patches occur during the Scholomance Academy expansion, where patches come with smaller changes on heroes and balancing. Blizzard, of course, is frequently balancing the game, and will now reset everyone.

By next week, every Battleground player rating will return to zero matchmaking rating (MMR). With the update, Hearthstone’s Battleground rating system is now similar to a player’s MMR. This change comes a year after Hearthstone’s latest game mode.

IKSAR, the lead Hearthstone designer, took to twitter to break down BG MMR distribution to assist fans in knowing why Blizzard is resetting ratings. Less than 62 percent of the players are below 5000 score while those above 8000 represent only 0.1 percent of the players.

Lower and higher MMR levels affect the average finishing placement of players. Hero abilities and strengths also vary depending on the Hearthstone rating system. For instance, players with over 5000 MMR Lord Jaraxxus, average placement stands at 28. For players below 5000 MMR, Jaraxxus finishes fifth.

Battlegrounds MMR Reset Date

It’s been speculated that the new rating system will take place on Tuesday next week, a time when Hearthstone usually rolls out patches. After the reset, the rating system will mirror the ladder system. This means that players who previously had higher MMR ratings will quickly climb up tiers than those with lower ratings.

There is no news yet about the exact details of the new ranking system, but Blizzard will probably add new content to the game mode. Besides Elementals, new Hearthstone tribes will probably be introduced

Usually, with this game mode, a new user experiences a turbulent MMR score. But players within the top four tiers experience some MMR gain when they play a few games. The number of points players gain or lose will change with the new ranking system. The higher or lower a player is, the more or less the points they get.

Next week will be an exciting time for players to enter an uncharted arena of a new Hearthstone rating system and additional content. The updates are a reprieve for players who think the current rating system is somewhat flawed.

Written by Daniella Johnson

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