OGN Entus Force win PUBG Korea League Phase 3, Korea’s PUBG Global Championship teams decided
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October 14, 2019

OGN Entus Force win PUBG Korea League Phase 3, Korea’s PUBG Global Championship teams decided

The Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds Korea League has ended. The third phase was full of ups and downs for many teams. In the end, OGN Entus Force have taken home the first-place prize of ₩ 60,000,000 KRW (~$50,698 USD) and a spot at the PUBG Global Championship in November.

For OGN Entus Force, this win is the culmination of over a year of hard work. They have been a consistent top-level threat in both domestic and international play, evidenced by their fourth-place finish at the FACEIT Global Summit earlier this year. While they did slip up in Phase 2 by finishing at 10th, their tenacity and skill earned them the 390 points in Phase 3. They were 32 points clear of the second-place finisher.

As for the Global Championship, four teams who will be attending alongside Entus Force have also been determined. Qualification was decided by total points across all three phases in 2019. Since Entus Force qualified at the top of the overall points list, the second-place finisher of Phase 3 received the final spot instead of the fifth place in overall points.

Korea’s representatives at PGL are:

  • OGN Entus Force – 1018 points
  • Afreeca Freecs Fatal – 998 points
  • Gen.G esports – 992 points
  • DeToNator.KOREA – 985 points
  • T1 – 2nd in Phase 3 (358 points, 899 total)

Of these qualified teams, Entus Force, Afreeca Freecs Fatal, and Gen.G have been to international competitions before, the former two playing at the Global Summit last April. These teams also make up four of the five highest finishers In Phase 3, showing that they are still currently the best Korea has to offer.

As always, there will be some teams heartbroken by coming close, but not close enough. Team VSG finished 40 points behind DeToNator in total points. OP.GG SPORTS, formerly OP Gaming, will also be watching from home. Both of these teams attended the Global Summit, OP Gaming even won the whole event.

While they looked good in Phase 1 and 2, a heavy decline in Phase 3 saw them miss out on both total point and Phase 3 qualification.

With the conclusion of the PUBG Korea League, every single major region has decided its representatives for the PUBG Global Championship. The leagues left to conclude are the Taiwan/Hong Kong/Macau league, the Oceania league, the Japanese league, and the Latin/South American leagues.

Once those finish, PGC will be right around the corner. Make sure to tune in starting November 8 to see the 32 best PUBG teams in the world go head to head!

Written by Zakaria Almughrabi

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