Operation Steel Wave adds new R6 operators Ace and Melusi
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May 21, 2020

Operation Steel Wave adds new R6 operators Ace and Melusi

Operation Steel Wave is now live on the Rainbow Six test servers, giving players their first chance to try out the new operators. When a Rainbow Six: Siege update adds new operators, there are often many new quirks to find and test. Between the explosive Ace and the sonic Melusi, fans can be sure that the Rainbow Six: Siege metagame will be going through some changes.

Operation Steel Wave’s New Operators

The Explosive Ace

New R6 operator Ace is an attacker and his new S.E.L.M.A. Aqua Breacher opens the doors for quite a few questions. The Norwegian operator’s gadget holds three separate charges. As a hard breacher, the device is able to break through reinforced walls and hatches. It places a charge and then moves downward, with the first charge detonating just before the second is placed, then repeats. The device will only deploy one explosive when thrown on the floor.

The device will always move downward, regardless of how it is thrown. This occurs because the device uses gravity to deploy. When it comes to reinforced hatches for vertical play, players need to use two charges in order to fully open it.

Attempting to disable the device is a bit tricky. If players try to shoot it, they will need to hit the orange pack and the red explosives if any have been deployed. A Mute jammer can also disable the device from deploying the explosives. However, if the explosives have already been deployed, they will still detonate. This can make it hard to “Mute trick” the device since the first explosion is likely to destroy the jammer, though other deployed explosives will “pause”.

Good counters to Ace include Jäger and Wamai, who can stop the device mid-air. Maestro can also stop it with his Evil Eye while Mozzie can use stolen Twitch drones to shoot it. Kaid and Bandit can use their electrical devices to stop the S.E.L.M.A.

Overall, it seems like Ace will prove to be a formidable operator to defend against. His powerful AK-12 along with his gadget already makes him a lethal threat and into the Rainbow Six Siege esports meta.

The Sonic Melusi

Joining Team Rainbow is the South African defender operator Melusi. This three-speed operator brings her new Banshee Sonic Defense gadget, along with a T-5 SMG, to the game. The Banshee creates an area of effect slowing down attackers. The gadget can only break from an explosion or a melee attack, making it difficult to deal with in some situations.

The large AOE is balanced by reducing the speed penalty the further away an attacker is from the device. Defenders can compound the slowness with barbed wire and Clash’s shield, but placing additional Banshee’s will not amplify the effects.

Attackers can counter the device using a Finka boost, but this will only remove the speed penalty. Any attackers within range will still have to deal with the sound and slight screen shaking. The device can also be disabled using a Twitch drone or Thatcher’s EMP. Although the slowdown effect is only as strong as a barbed wire at it’s worst, the sound and visual effects can give attackers quite a hard time.

Melusi and Ace both have interesting new opportunities to explore as the new R6 operators. Their gadgets open the doors for players to find new ways to play and trick their opponents. Given enough time, the Rainbow Six community will likely see some convoluted plays using these additions from this new Rainbow Six: Siege update.

Written by Efren Hurtado

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