Overwatch League semifinals preview
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September 18, 2020

Overwatch League semifinals preview

In just three weeks, Grand Finals Weekend takes place to decide who will become the 2020 Overwatch League champion. Of the original 20 OWL teams, only Shanghai Dragons, Philadelphia Fusion, San Francisco Shock, and Shanghai Dragons remain in the semifinals. One of these four will soon earn the title of Overwatch’s best team in 2020.

Overwatch League Semifinals

Overwatch League semifinals on Grand Finals Weekend.

Image credit to Overwatch League.

October 8 begins the culmination of 2020 Overwatch esports. So far, competition has been fierce with a mix of one-side beatdowns and close fights. Seoul Dynasty in particular is the team experiencing the closest fights. The group fought hard through play-ins and Playoffs Round 1 and 2 to make it to the 2020 Overwatch semifinals. But since Seoul’s first match is against 2019 OWL Champion San Francisco Shock, their run may end.

The next match is one of the most exciting matches fans will see. Overwatch League’s top two teams in the 2020 standings face each other in semifinals for the first time since the regular season. Philadelphia Fusion and Shanghai Dragons consistently defeated teams in their respective regions. Now, they take the fight to each other. Thanks to the inclusion of a Losers Bracket, it’ll take more than one loss for teams to drop. Friday, October 9 hosts both Losers Bracket matches and determines which two teams make it to Grand Finals.

Each team will undergo important scrimmages and challenges as they focus on their health. Specifically, the two North American teams will travel to South Korea after staff determined the location to improve production and safety. Shock and Fusion players will struggle with time zone shifts and fans hope it won’t impact gameplay.

Only Grand Finals Weekend will tell who is truly stacked and prepared for the match. The competition this year is closer than usual and each player will truly need to try their hardest. How teams and players practice in these next three weeks will largely determine who wins the 2020 Overwatch esports season.

2020 OWL Grand Champion

When the Overwatch League championship odds come out later this week, fans may notice something that looks strange at first glance: the SF Shock favored over the Shanghai Dragons and Philadelphia Fusion – the two top teams this year. But it won’t be in error. According to Sports Betting Dime, Shanghai and Philadelphia have to face each other in the semis, while the Shock have drawn an extremely favorable matchup with Seoul. Seoul lost more matches (12) than the other three combined (7), and their -7 map differential is 46 worse than San Francisco (+39).

While Seoul Dynasty proved their worth during the playoffs, it’s hard to contend with a consistent performer. The Dynasty’s Jun-Young “Profit” Park held the team together during playoffs. Profit and Jae-Won “Lip” Lee overpowered enemies so far, but the match against Shock will surely test limits. San Francisco Shock will likely win their semifinals match versus Seoul and use that momentum to win the grand finals and become the 2020 Overwatch League champion.

As Overwatch League Grand Finals Weekend approaches, fans should know who to look out for. All four teams performed very well and each has its own set of star players. Overwatch esports will wrap up its 2020 season from October 8 to October 10. Semifinals start at 6 AM PST on that Thursday. Tune in on YouTube Gaming to see who comes out victorious.

Written by Justin Amin

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