Overwatch PachiMarchi Challenge celebrates Pachimari
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March 9, 2021

Overwatch PachiMarchi Challenge celebrates Pachimari

Overwatch takes an adorable jump into its newest event today, the PachiMarchi Challenge. In celebration of the half-onion, half-octopus Pachimari, a character seen in the Overwatch universe, players can earn new rewards from March 9 to 22. Among those rewards is an Epic skin for Roadhog showing his endless love for Pachimari, as well as an icon, emote and sprays.

Overwatch PachiMarchi Challenge

The Overwatch PachiMarchi Challenge kicks off with a common event format – win games, get rewards. Players must win nine games in total, earning a reward after every third game is won. Just like previous challenges, these rewards come through Quick Play, Competitive Play, and Arcade.

At three wins, players receive a limited-time Pachimari hat icon. Six wins scores a Junkrat emote, showcasing the huggable plushy. And at nine wins, players earn the exclusive Epic Pachimari Roadhog skin.


Additionally, throughout the event, sprays are up for grabs. Players can log in to acquire one of the six Pachimar-ized sprays: Junkimari, Tranquilmari, Pachirilla, Pachimada, Doomari and Hackimari.

Image Credited to Blizzard Entertainment.

For smooth drifting, it’s best to get the rewards through Quick Play or Arcade games since they end sooner. Playing these modes will help players speed up their chances of winning. But for those looking to take it slow, the Overwatch PachiMarchi Challenge lasts nearly two weeks, letting them take their time. Overall, the event is perfect for Roadhog mains or for those who love Pachimari as much as he does.

Written by Jay Hunter

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